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January 31, 2023
Fitness Model Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Official Web site: http://www.amandalynnmayhew.com

About Amanda

Turning her hobby into her passion

Each person has her/his restriction or rut which strains the process of staying or getting fit on their own level.

I am tired of looking on the internet and magazines and seeing stereotypical women and men promoting fitness and health. I am here to assist people in every day life, doing their best to reach the level of acheivement right for them. No money, no pressure, just FUN and AWARENESS..

Fytness Fanatik was founded in 2002 by Amanda Lynn. She had been working out on her own, and noticed that sharing her personal habits with friends began to influence their behaviour. People would tell her that her experiences were very motivating, so she decided to use this influence to help others. Amanda Lynn developed a website, and called on her network of friends and family for support in creating the Fytness Fanatiks.

This group of people are engaged in sharing their own personal fitness goals and achievements with others, in order to demonstrate that anyone can achieve what they put their mind to, regardless of their current size, age, or illness.

With regular updates,the website constantly features fresh and interesting advice and information. Amanda Lynn has also launched her own collection of fitness apparel which feature unique motivational slogans. The clothing is a great way to keep motivated and show people your strength and dedication, and to spread the "fitness is for everyone" message.

With four years of hard work behind these accomplishments, she decided to create a magazine to reach those people that do not have access to the Internet. The launch of Fytness Fanatik the Magazine was in November 2006 was a huge success. The December Issue was 50% sold out even before it even rolled off the press! Not your regular pin-up girl magazine, the Fytness Fanatik magazine is filled with real life stories, real life issues, and real people. Amanda Lynn welcomes and encourages all ideas from new and continuing contributors. Fytness Fanatik is successful because it relates to everyone.

Everyone has a fitness story just waiting to be written!

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