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June 5, 2023
Female Bodybuilder Anita Ramsey Tribute

Anita RamseyBio

I am a top NPC National Level Heavyweight Bodybuilder. I have been a competitive bodybuilder for over a decade. My first contest was a victory at the 1988 NPC Boulder B.B. championships. My biggest victory came in winning the 1998 NPC Southern States Heavyweights and overall. The Southern States is one of the Top NPC regional shows in the country. After winning the Southern States, I went on to place 3rd in the heavyweights at the 98' IFBB North American. Though I have retired from the stage, my new stage is now a platform. I compete in sanctioned bench press meets.

Since 1988 and to today I have been profiled and featured in leading bodybuilding/fitness magazines. Such as Flex Magazine, Ironman Magazine, NPC News, Body's magazine (Italian publication), B&K Sport (Swedish Publication), Women's Physique World (WPW), Steel Jungle, Musclemag International, Le Monde Du Muscle (French), Great Lakes Fitness Guide, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, Powerhouse Magazine, Florida Muscle News, Athena 2 (French), Women's Fitness & Bodybuilding, and many others.

Anita Ramsey I am also a published author. My work has appeared in Oxygen, Ironman magazine, MuscleMag International, NPC News, Body Talk (supplement industry magazine), and I am a column editor (Muscle Update) as well as an article writer for Criticalbench.com, Bodybuilding.com, and Vinkomorf.com. I am also an IFPA Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, IFPA Certified Football Conditioning Specialist, IFPA Certified Personal Trainer, NESTA Certified Online Personal Trainer, and a SPARQ Certified Trainer. I also have memberships with the NPC, APF, IPA, CSCCa, CPTN, United States Ski and Snowboard Association, and United States Weightlifting Federation (USWF) just to mention a few.


Yours in Muscle & Power
Anita C. Ramsey

Bodybuilding Contest Achievements:

1988 Boulder B.B. Championships (1st Middleweight)
1988 Rocky Mountain B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweight)
1989 NPC Colorado State (2nd Heavyweights)
1990 Western Cup B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweights & Overall)
1991 Jr. Nationals (6th place Heavyweights)
1992 Jr. USA (8th place Heavyweights)
1993 USA B.B. Championships (15th place)
1994 Orange County B.B. Championships (3rd place Middleweight)
1994 Steele Rose B.B. Championships (2nd place Heavyweights)
1995 NPC California State (5th place Heavyweights)
1995 Women's Pro Strength Extravaganza (Tied for 5th)
1996 New York Metropolitan (3rd Heavyweights)
1996 NPC New Jersey State (1st place Heavyweights)
1998 Southern States B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweights & Overall)
1998 IFBB North America B. B. Championships (3rd place Heavyweights)
I was awarded Lonnie Teper's "Come Back of the Year" Award in 1998.

Entertainment industry work:

Includes photo shoots for magazines, videos, local or national TV and movies.

Women's Physique World
Flex Magazine
Musclemag International
Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine
Ironman Magazine
B&K Sport (European)
Body's Magazine (European)
Body Talk Magazine (Bob O' Leary)
Powerhouse magazine
Florida Muscle News
Athena 2 (European)
Le Monde Du Muscle (European)
Women's Fitness & Bodybuilding
Muscular Development
Bodybuilding.com (See www.bodybuilding.com/fun/muscle/muscleupdate.htm)
Anita Anita anita Anita
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