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Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger Tribute

Bodybuilder Arnold SchwarzeneggerMr. Olympia - 1970-1975, 1980

Name: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger

Born: July 30, 1947, Thal, Austria.

Nicknames: The Oak, The Austrian Oak, The Olympian, The King, Champ, Arnie, Schwarzie, Arnold Strong

Location: Los Angeles, California USA

Off Season Weight: Around 260 lbs | Competition Weight: Around 235 lbs

Height: 6'2" | Arms: 22" | Chest: 57" | Waist: 34" | Thighs: 28.5" | Calves: 20"

Father's name is Gustav, he was the chief of police for the local area, passed away in 1972 ... Mother's name is Aurelia, she died on August 2, 1998 .... Arnold had an older brother, Meinhard, born July 17, 1946, who died in a car crash in May 1971 ... Arnold served one year in the Austrian army as a tank driver ...

He's married to the American TV-presenter Maria Owings Shriver (in 1986). They have four children: Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger, Christina Aurelia Schwarzenegger, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Christopher Sergant Schwarzenegger (born: September 27th , 1997). Co-owns a restaurant in Santa Monica called 'Schatzi on Main' ... Jim Lorimer and Arnold are responsible for the Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding & Fitness shows, which has been held for the last 10 years in Columbus, Ohio, usually in March. At the Arnold Classic 1997, he received the IFBB Gold Order Award, proclaiming him the greatest bodybuilder of the 20th century.

Arnold is probably the most famous bodybuilder of all time, the man who brought bodybuilding into the national spotlight, and mass recognition. In January 1999, he was inducted into the Joe Weider's Bodybuilders Hall of Fame. Arnold also headed the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sport. From 2003 - California Governor.

Arnold's Competition History

1980 Mr. Olympia - 1st
1975 Mr. Olympia - 1st
1974 Mr. Olympia - 1st
1973 Mr. Olympia - 1st
1972 Mr. Olympia - 1st
1971 Mr. Olympia - 1st
1970 Mr. Olympia - 1st
1970 AAU Mr. World Professional - 1st
1970 NABBA Mr. Universe Pro - 1st
1969 Mr. Europe Professional - 1st
1969 NABBA Mr. Universe Pro - 1st
1969 Mr. Olympia - 2nd
1969 IFBB Mr. Universe Pro - 1st
1968 IFBB Mr. International - 1st
1968 IFBB Mr. Universe tall - 1st
1968 IFBB Mr. Universe - 2nd Overall
1968 NABBA Mr. Universe Pro - 1st
1967 NABBA Mr. Universe Amateur - 1st
1966 Mr. Universe Amateur Tall - 2nd
1966 Best Built Man of Europe - 1st
1966 Mr. Europe Amateur - 1st
1965 Jr. Mr. Europe - 1st
1965 Mr. Styria - 1st
1964 Mr. Austria - 3rd
1964 Jr. Mr. Austria - 1st

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pics

Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger


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