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June 12, 2024
Interview With Bodybuilder Arthur Gooden
as told to CriticalBench.com by Ben Tatar

Art Arthur Gooden Bodybuilder 1) CRITICAL BENCH: Arthur, welcome to Critical Bench. Great to have you with us. Can you give us some background about yourself?

ART: Well My name is Arthur Gooden, I've been lifting for over 15 years but just actually bodybuilding for only 3 years now

2) CRITICAL BENCH: Out of all of the things to do in life why was bodybuilding your calling?

ART: I always wanted to be extraordinary and unique! I realized that it was easier for me to put on muscle than the average Joe so I decided to be a builder.

3) CRITICAL BENCH: What has been the high light of your bodybuilding career?

ART: The highlight of my bodybuilding Career came very early, where I did a competition and won 3 first place and 2 overalls. That is a night that I will never ever forget!

4) CRITICAL BENCH: What is your number 1 tip for all bodybuilders out there?

ART: My number 1 tip for all bodybuilders would be that hard work always pays off! Keep that burning desire and you can accomplish whatever you want and you can take your bodybuilding as far as you want to take it.

5) CRITICAL BENCH: What bodybuilders do you look up to in the sport and why?

ART: Well I look up to Big Ronnie for his accomplishments, goes to show you again what I stated about hard work paying off.

6) CRITICAL BENCH: Give us your training routine and your diet? How does your on season training and off season training differ?


Mon- Chest/Tris
Tues- Back/Bis
Wed- Shoulders
Fri hams/Calves.

During my off season I actually eat whatever I want. On season my diet consist of low carbs, high protein and some Fat Honestly my off season and on season training doesn't differ, the only difference is, as I diet I get weaker therefore the poundage decrease, other than that I keep the same routine

Bodybuilder Arthur Gooden

7) CRITICAL BENCH: How does your family feel about your bodybuilding success?

ART: My kids are so proud of their dad that they just love it when I show up at their school! My son wants to be a bodybuilder when he grows up.

8) CRITICAL BENCH: How do you see the future of the sport of bodybuilding? Do you ever think that bodybuilding will be a mainstream sport?

Unfortunately bodybuilding is for the genetically gifted therefore it will never be mainstream, I could be wrong but that's' just my opinion.

9) CRITICAL BENCH: What are some of your best gym lifts?

ART: My Squats are crazy, in the 700lbs. leg press in the 1600lbs. my incline bench is better then the average of 405lbs.

10) CRITICAL BENCH: Those are some insane numbers! What are your future goals?

ART: My future goals are to get my pro card and win a pro show one day

11) CRITICAL BENCH: What has been your favorite moment in bodybuilding? Craziest? Most memorable? Funniest?

ART: Craziest moment was then I did a show that I prepared for under 6 weeks and almost won! Most memorable was when I took home 3 first place and 2 overalls in a single show! The funniest moment was my first show where I was beat by a competitor who couldn't believe he beat me and the crowd Booed so hard that he didn't even want to take the win !

12) CRITICAL BENCH: Those are some awesome stories! You've had quite a bodybuilding career so far! Art it's been a privilege! Is there anyone who you would like to thank or anything else that you would like to say?

ART: special thanks to my future wife Tameko who puts up with my attitude when I'm dieting. She helps me the entire way, without her it might not have been possible. Special thanks to my kids Brandon and Breanne Gooden who also supports their dad in what I do, I love you guys.

Bodybuilder Arthur Gooden with Jay Cutler


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