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July 2, 2016
Fitness Model Susan Balson

It all started when Susan set her sights on a Fitness America Pageant competition.

"After just less than a year of busting my tail in the gym and dieting hard enough to quarantine me from friends and family, I competed in the Folsom, California regional competition and placed second behind a seasoned and well-qualified competitor. It was enough to get me addicted. I got to perform onstage (mostly dancing), show off all my hard work in the gym, and do some modeling afterward. It could not have suited me better. Since then, I have gotten certified as an ACE Personal trainer in order to assist others in accomplishing their goals, expanded my modeling portfolio, and just finished up a fantastic year of competiting in the Fitness America Pageant in the year 2000. With 2001 just around the corner I am already gearing up for the competitive season and eagerly anticipate the new opportunities that await me there."

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