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June 12, 2024

Interview With Luminary Bench Presser Damian Osgood
Interviewed By Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - April 2008

Damian Osgood the first to bench 600 weighing under 200 pounds

Damian Osgood Is The Youngest Person To Bench Press 600 Pounds Weighing Less Than 200 LBS

1) CRITICAL BENCH: Damian, your journey to a 600+ bench press has been amazing. It has been a true story of blood, guts, sweat, tears, and testicular fortitude. You can now reap the rewards of being the youngest bencher in history to bench over 600lbs weighing less than 200lbs! How young were you?

Damian Osgood: I was 23 y/o I when I hit the Lift, still in the Jr. Class. I weighed in at 178lbs, after cutting down from 188lbs. I hit the Lift at 2007 APF New England Open Bench Press Championship On Nov. 3rd 2007 Helded by Dave Follansbee.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: How did it feel benching 605lbs weighing less than 199lbs? How did you celebrate? What was your initial reaction after benching the weight and what did you do afterwards to honor the achievement?

Bench Press Rising Star Damian Osgood Damian Osgood: It was amazing Benching 605lbs!! It was something I knew I was able to bench, I just had to put it all together and make it happen! After the Meet I drove 3hrs Home and went Out with a Few of My Team Osgood Crew and had a few drinks, then we came back to my place and finished off the night! My Initial reaction to the lift is hard to explain, I was just so happy and was so proud. I knew right then and there I could compete with the best of the best!

3) CRITICAL BENCH: Did bench pressing 605lbs feel far more insane than when you bench pressed 500lbs for the first time? Or did they feel much alike? Was your 605 bench the craziest weight you ever felt in your hands before?

Damian Osgood: 605lbs is my Best Lift on the Platform! I have done more weight in the gym and attempted more (622lbs) in another meet, but none of that counts, so 605lbs the Craziest Lift! The 605lbs was WAY More Insane feeling then when I first did 500lbs.

4) CRITICAL BENCH: How did you prepare and train for the 600lbs bench press?

Damian Osgood: Well It took 5 months to make it all come together. To start off I had to bring my Forza Super Bench down to the Local Gym so I would be able to have spotters. I started the training for 600lbs having really bad luck with my Bench shirts. Going into my first meet of the year I hadn't touched anything in the gym so it was an all or nothin meet. Sadly it ended with Nothin.

I got two New Inzer RageX's right after the meet. I went back to the gym and worked with the shirt placement to help allow lighter weight to touch. Once I got 565lbs to touch It was game on from there! I then could get 605lbs to touch but yet could not lock it out all the way. I went to the meet and hit 605lbs for the first time ever, it was Awesome!

My Training was 3 Heavy Shirt Sets.

565x1 off chest, 605x0 (never locked out) from chest and then I would 2-3 Board 605 for a few reps to work lockout power.

5) CRITICAL BENCH: You've made history!! Enjoy this forever. Who was your coach and trainer who you would like to thank for this experience?

Damian Osgood: Thanks Ben, I hope too continue to Make it!

This year I didn't have a Trainer, I had a Team that came into the gym when I was there to help me out, I couldn't thank them enough! I would like to thank Ken Sprague (Hand off Man) Mike Derusha, Eric Remick, my girl friend Amanda for helping with all those Board Sets, Alan from APT (www.prowriststraps.com) for all the great Lifting gear! Wes from MonsterMuscle.com! Also would like to thank, my family for helping out with support and money so I would be able to get to these meets.

Damian Osgood the first to bench 600 weighing under 200 pounds

6) CRITICAL BENCH: How has your training changed after 605?

Damian Osgood: Once I had hit 605 my mind set changed quick, I was to stuck on 600 that once I broke though it I started playin with big weight and really learning the ins n outs of the shirt. I knew if the Top 181lbs benchers (Brad Heck, Jason Fry) are working near and are benching weights that are over 700lbs! They show that anything is possible and that has really taken my mind set to the next level. Now I hit a opener weight every week and then 1brd a heavy weight, then add more weight and 3brd it. Over the next 5 weeks the 3brd set works it's way down to a 1brd set, after I do 2 set of 3-5 reps raw bench. Then it's off to Tri's!

7) CRITICAL BENCH: That's intense! Tell us how your training has changed from the first time you benched 225, 315,405, 500, and 600?

Damian Osgood: Once I got to the 5's I dropped a lot of the chest exercises (fly's, Inclines), and focused more on tri's. I did this because of the shirt work and realized that Big chest don't equal Big Bench! Other then that I have just stuck with the basics!

Super Bench Presser Damian Osgood

8) CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your upcoming meets?

Damian Osgood: My Next Meet will be the WPA World Bench Championships, May 10th. This meet I plan to take my diet to the Max and Compete at 165lbs (I weigh around 190lbs now). AtLarger Nutrition really came through for me and gave me a Hand with supplements for this meet. We are going to keep everything logged and see how my strength and size holds up to this type of lifting and dieting. So a Huge Thanks to ALN for the support! I will start dieting March 15th in hopes to get down to 178lbs. And from there drop the last 13lbs within 24 hours from the meet. My game plan there is to take back my World Record in the Mens 165lb Open class, along with break into the 165lbs All-Time Top 5 Bench In the World in that Weight Class!

The Next Meet will be my First Big Time Meet, the UPA Pro-AM Power Weekend July 12th &13th in Iowa! I plan to bring my bodyweight back up to 190+lbs for this meet, unless I feel I can overcome Joe Mazza's 655 at 165 All-Time Bench Record…

9) CRITICAL BENCH: You missed 622. Do you hate missing weights? How do you respond to adversity and bounce back?

Bench Press Rising Star Damian Osgood Damian Osgood: I think everyone hates to miss Attempts on the Platform, but it happens. It gives me Great Drive for my Next Meet. I hate to fail so it just keeps me going!

10) CRITICAL BENCH: You have an iron mind. The mindset of a champion! Speaking of having a mindset of a champion, you passed out after cutting weight for your last meet to weigh less than 181lbs!. How did you cut 12lbs in 16 hours and what was that like?

Damian Osgood: Ya.. I Passed out alright, it sucked! lol I have always cut weight over the years, I started back when I wrestled and learned a lot of tricks to dropping weight! Cutting 12lbs this last time was really hard, the Weight didn't want to come off like it had for my last two meets. 16hrs out I eat a small meat with Oatmeal and some type of protein, then Rest for an hour then its Go Time. I hit the treadmill with a sauna suit with 3 layers of clothes on and top it off with a Full Body Snow suit with Gloves and a Winter Hat. I try and walk for 30 minutes, which I never get too, but I try! I normally lose 1lb every 10 minutes. I will walk 4-5 Times to drop the weight. I also own a tanning bed and I'll tan for 40 minutes straight (that's hell right there) where I lose anywhere's from 1-2lbs… Overall it is not fun, and you need support while doing it!

11) CRITICAL BENCH: Damian, what are your future goals?

Damian Osgood: Break into the Top 3 All-Time 165lbs Bench Rankings.

Bench 700 at 181lbs.

Continue Having Fun with the Sport

Run My own Gym!

12) CRITICAL BENCH: Damian, what a bench press career you have had! You made history when you were benching in the 400s and showed the world how strong 165 pounders are and now 600+! You have truly inspired and transformed the sport of bench pressing forever! Keep it up! In closing is there anyone you would like to thank?

Damian Osgood: First I would like to thank my fiance Amanda for supporting me through all of this! I also would like to thanks Team Osgood for the Spotting, handoffs, plate loading and the support and friendship! Sassy Scizzors for helping me keep my Hair Red! Ken Richards and the message Therapy, Alan from APT Pro Wrist Wraps for all the Wraps and lifting gear! AtLarger Nutrition for the Support and Supps to help me get to my goals! I also would like to thank Friends and Family, without everyone this would not be possible, Thank You! And thank you Ben for taking your time and interviewing me, I really appreciate it!

Don't forget to check me out at www.BPMOsgood.com

Damian Osgood Video - Bring the Noise!
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