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September 30, 2023
Bodybuilder Bill Davey Tribute

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Bill Davey Stats

Born: July 20, 1966
Residence: Florida, USA
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 215 lbs

Bill Davey Bio

There's an old myth that says all weight lifters are simpletons. "He ain't no brain surgeon" is a description often used by nonathletes to assess the intelligence of bodybuilders. Those of us in the sport know this is a fallacy, as competitive physiquedom is filled with chiropractors, dentists, professionals and executives. You can't live off bodybuilding, and the lifestyle is expensive. Without a real job, you just can't afford chicken breasts, creatine and a decent gym membership

Florida's Bill Davey has heard the snickering, but he pays them no mind. His mind is, after all, his most valuable asset, next to his championship physique and Hollywood good looks.

Bill Davey was tall and skinny before he started bodybuilding. He started lifting when he was 16 but really didn't pursue it consistently until he was 19 and in college. Besides spending his days in the gym with his college buddies and playing on the school's baseball team, Bill concentrated on his studies. He evenutally earned both bachelor's and master's degrees in exercise physiology from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.

After college he began working in corporate fitness. He eventually moved to Florida and opted out of the corporate scene, concentrating instead on personal training. Operating out of World Gym-Ft. Myers, he quickly built up his training business, Body By Bill, to the point where he now has 40 clients and three trainers working under his supervision.

Bodybuilding Titles Won

Musclemania – 2002 SuperBody - 1st place (Professional Division)
Musclemania – 2002 World Championship - 6th place
1997 AAU Mr. America -- 1st Heavyweight and Overall
1996 Musclemania Natural Championships - 1st Heavyweight
1996 WNBF World Championships - 12th Open Division
1996 NPC Team Universe - 7th Heavyweight
1996 NPC Junior Nationals - Didn't place Heavyweight
1995 ANBC USA Nationals - 1st Tall Class
1995 NPC Junior Florida Heavyweight and Overall
1995 ANBC Tampa Bay Natural - 1st Tall Class and Overall
1994 NPC Florida West Coast - 1st Light-heavyweight and Overall
1994 NPC Sarasota Championship - 1st Heavyweight and Overall
1994 NPC Naples Championship - 1st Heavyweight and Overall
1992 Florida West Coast - 1st Light-heavyweight

Bill Davey Video

ESPN Bill Davey Vid

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