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September 30, 2023
Bodybuilder Eddie Robinson Tribute

1998 Nationals - Eddie Robinson

Eddie Robinson Official Web site:

Eddie Robinson's Bio

In my life I have been blessed as an athlete, husband, and father of two precious children, Cara & Seth.

My career as an athlete started at a young age, as a teenager I played football and boxed at the Golden Gloves in Akron Ohio. In 1982, I moved to Florida and got involved in bodybuilding and power lifting which became my true love. As a teenager I was able to accomplish winning just about every bodybuilding and powerlifting meet in the state of Florida.

My career took off like a rocket in 1986 when I took a world record in the bench press at 5'8 and 220 pounds; I had pressed 575 and 610 pounds ranking me number one in the world. At that time I had channelled my strength to pursue a career in bodybuilding. Winning the Mr. Florida, Mr. America, and Mr. USA titles gave me professional recognition as one of the greatest pro bodybuilders and powerlifters in the world.

Having competed as a professional bodybuilder for twelve years I decided to retire in 2001 giving up my pro status as an IFBB pro athlete and moving on to what God has in store for me next. I have been blessed in my career accomplishing seventy-five national and international magazine covers, 226 articles & advertisements along with numerous endorsements. The highlights of my career have been working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, being featured doing a series of photos for his bodybuilding encyclopaedia along with competing in the Arnold Classic. I was also honored to have the privilege to work with Vince & Linda McMahon endorsing ICO/PRO, and competing in the WBF, one of the highlights of my life. And last but not least Mr. Joe Weider.aka (The Master Blaster), I owe a lot to this man for taking me under his belt for the last twelve years, and for having faith in me as a pro athlete & contracting me for most of my professional career. I am honored, and always will be for being an endorser of Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and Weider Nutrition.

My career has enabled me to travel the world, and meet some of the world's greatest people. I thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to meet these great people who have become my friends, and by giving me the strength to be the best athlete, father, and husband that I can be.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans for all their support through the twelve years of my professional career. Your letters have always given me the drive and inspiration to be the best athlete that I can in the sport of bodybuilding. Please remember, just because I have retired from the sport of bodybuilding don't think that this is the end of Eddie Robinson, I promise you this is just the beginning! I am up to bigger and better things, a new chapter in my life. I have captured all of these achievements for a reason. Now it is time to capitalize on all of these achievements and put them to work.

Eddie Robinson's Competition History

Mr Largo, Teenage - 1st
Men's Open - 3rd
Mr Gulf Coast, Teenage Middleweight - 1st Overall
Mr Teen Tampa Open - 2nd
Mr Teen Southern States - 2nd
Mr Suncoast - 1st

Mr St. Petersberg - 1st
Mr Teen Florida - 1st
Mr Teen Gulf Coast - 1st
Mr Southern USA, Men's Open - 1st

Mr Teen USA - 1st
Mr Florida Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Overall
Poston's Bench Press Championships, 220lb class - 1st Best Lifter, 510 lbs
East Coast Strongman Championship - 1st
West Coast Bench Press Championship, 220lbs class - 1st, 525 lbs
Tampa Bench Press Championship, 220 lbs class - 1st Overall, 550lbs

Buckeye Strong Man, 200lbs class - 1st Overall & Best Lifter, 575lbs Bench, 825lbs Squat
Florida State Bench Press Championship - 1st Best Lifter, 560lbs Bench
Jacksonville Strong Man, 220lbs class - 1st, 560lbs Bench

Jacksonville PAL Bench Press Championship, 200lbs class - 575lbs Bench
NPC Junior Teen Nationals, Heavyweight - 1st Overall
Florida State Body Building Championship - 2nd
Jacksonville PAL March of Dimes Bench Press - 1st Overall
Top Bench was 515lbs, so Eddie opened with 515lbs and did 8 reps
(1 for each disabled child at the show)
Florida State Bench Press Rick Poston, 220lbs. class - 610lbs Bench
New world record in 220 lb. class (Teenage and Men's Open)

Nationals, Atlanta, Men's Open - 5th

Mr USA - 1st overall
Eddie received his Pro Card

Night of Champions - 6th
Mr Olympia - 10th

WBF- 4th
Eddie's first Pro Show

WBF - 6th
Eddie's first drug free show

Night of Champions - 7th
Grand Prix France - 8th
Grand Prix Russia - 7th

Canada Pro Cup - 4th
Florida Pro Invitational - 5th
Night of Champions - 8th

Arnold Classic - 7th
Ironman Pro Invitational - 8th

San Francisco Pro Invitational - 13th
Toronto Pro Invitational - 11th

Toronto Pro Invitational - 8th


Eddie Robinson's Video


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