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June 12, 2024

Bodybuilder Shiloe Steinmetz
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - September 2008

Interview with Bodybuilder Shiloe Steinmetz

Shilole Steinzmetz has succeeded in the world of bodybuilding. Just visit his website www.ShiloeSteinmetz.com and you will see that his resume of achievements is beyond extraordinary. Critical Bench had the amazing opportunity to interview this tremendous bodybuilder.

CRITICAL BENCH: Shiloe, welcome to www.criticalbench.com ! Tell Critical Bench readers about yourself!

Thanks for the interview! I am originally from Tiffin Ohio, a small town in Northwest Ohio but have lived here in Grove City for the past 13 years. I compete all over the place and last year competed in South Korea in the World Championships. Bodybuilding is a hobby of mine but for a living I am a Pharmacist in Columbus Ohio. I have always been interested in fitness and stayed in shape and it was not until after college that I considered bodybuilding but after I did, I was hooked! I was married for 8 years and then had an unfaithful spouse that led to a divorce. I currently live with my two Doberman Pinchers.

CRITICAL BENCH: Shiloe, you have made tons of amazing accomplishments in the world of bodybuilding! What have been the 5 high lights of your bodybuilding career?

  1. Over 20 some overall titles.

  2. Heavyweight Team Universe Champion

  3. Competed in the World Championships on the US Team

  4. Over 50 different shows

  5. The best is yet to come!!!!

CRITICAL BENCH: Give us your CRAZIEST fact about your bodybuilding career so far!

Bodybuilder Shiloe Steinmetz I did 21 shows in one year!!!

CRITICAL BENCH: What has been your favorite moment during your bodybuilding journey?

My favorite moment was winning the Heavyweights at Team Universe and competing in the World Championships

CRITICAL BENCH: Impressive! You have been through a lot during your bodybuilding career so far. Have you ever been through any funny bodybuilding experiences that have just shocked you?

Well, one was seeing guys out in Las Vegas peeing in the sink at the hotel because there were no bathrooms backstage in the pump up room. That was disgusting but funny.

CRITICAL BENCH: What bodybuilding moment has changed you the most?

I would have to say the moment that changed me the most is when I was in a serious motorcycle accident that should have cost me my life. I was out of bodybuilding almost three years and in surgery and rehab for many months. It made me realize there is so much more to life. And life and family are precious to me.

CRITICAL BENCH: You are a multi-dimensional warrior machine! Glad you used your adversity to make you a better person. Can you give us your workout routine!

Typically one week I will do heavy followed by isolation work the following week. I vary workouts all the time so it is really never the same. I do one body part a day for example: Chest day 1, Back day 2, Legs day 3, and so on. I really listen to my body and if I can train a body part I will and if not I will do a different one. That is the best thing I have done is learn to listen to my body and rest it when needed.

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your diet. Do you eat clean year round? What are your favorite supplements?

My diet is pretty clean all year round and I stay within 15 pounds of competition weight all year. Right now I am in competition mode and eating a little over 4 pounds of meat a day consisting of fish, steak, and chicken. Carbs are usually oats and yams. I eat lots of green vegetables, flax oil and almonds. My favorite supplements are IDS products. I love their New Whey Tubes because they are so handy and easy to use. Also Betanox is off the charts!! It is the best supplement I have had in years and my workouts have gone to new levels. Just read the studies on Beta-Alanine. I also use BCAA's, Glutamine, Waximaze, and of course Whey Protein.

CRITICAL BENCH: Shiloe, what is your opinion about the steroid debate?

Well, to each his own. I believe everyone should do what they can naturally and max out there. Then if they want to take it to the next level they should seek a physician to get it prescribed and monitored. I have read many studies in older men where hormone replacement is a good thing and extends life and reduces many diseases. There is a difference between use and abuse. Really bodybuilding steroids are the tip of the iceberg. With all the growth factors and engineered drugs they are the ones making the superfreaks of today.

CRITICAL BENCH: Shiloe, what are some of the biggest reactions you have ever gotten towards your god like physique?

Well that is a good question! LOL I always seem to get the question "How much do you bench?" I love that one! Usually I just say I don't even lift. In general people just stare and look away fast after you look at them, it is funny.

Interview with Bodybuilder Shiloe Steinmetz CRITICAL BENCH: What gym or gyms do you train at?

I train at several gyms. One is called Metro Fitness and the other is Bodyfit. Both are one of the few hardcore gyms left that are suitable for bodybuilders. Other gyms just don't have the equipment needed to train heavy and hard.

CRITICAL BENCH: Since you have won many titles, tell us.. what makes the difference between champion bodybuilders and the average Joe's?

Champion bodybuilders have a whole different mindset and discipline. Average lifters just don't have that edge. Champions are disciplined, focused, and driven. Nothing can stop them and they can go beyond the pain threshold and give up comforts and make sacrifices to be a champion. They are forged with hard work, sweat, and blood!! Also masters at time management. They make every workout, meal, and session count.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals?

To become a IFBB pro. But besides bodybuilding I would like to start a business and have a family some day. A wife and family are my best goals and I would love to speak to people someday and reach out to the lost.

CRITICAL BENCH: Great goals. What do you enjoy doing away from bodybuilding?

I love spending time with my family at Lake Erie at my Cottage up there. Also love to go out to eat and see any type of live performance. I enjoy any outdoor activity and nature.

CRITICAL BENCH: What is your favorite exercise and what is your least favorite?

My favorite exercise is heavy ass squats! LOL They are the best and you feel like a champ when done. My least favorite is walking lunges because they are so hard and look like a sissy exercise. They work but I don't like them.

CRITICAL BENCH: What is the best advice you were ever told and what was the worst?

My best advice I was told is to not listen to other people's advice. Most of them have no idea what they are talking about. The worst advice I was told is to cut my water 5 days out from the show, man was that stupid! LOL

CRITICAL BENCH: What motivates you to be the best you can be?

The fact that I know I can do anything I put my mind to. I want to achieve great things so I can use the gifts God has given me to bring people to him. I can do all things through Christ Jesus. I want to represent my king and do his work with what he has blessed me with.

Interview with Bodybuilder Shiloe Steinmetz

CRITICAL BENCH: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

My favorite thing is that I am comfortable in who I am. I know where I come from and where I am going. I am confident and blessed!!

CRITICAL BENCH: How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as the guy who competed in a billion shows. The guys who lived a moral life and gave glory to God for all he accomplished. I want to be remembered as one in a million in the fitness industry, one of a kind.

CRITICAL BENCH: Shiloe, you are ONE in billions and what a journey it has been! It has been great talking with you here at Critical Bench today. In closing is there anyone who you would like to thank?

Most importantly my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without God I can do nothing, but with God I can do all things. Also my family for their support and raising me to be the man I am today.


Shiloe Steinmetz - Leg Extensions




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