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June 24, 2024
Bodybuilder Chris Cormier Tribute

Bodybuilder Chris CormierChris Cormier Bio

Official Site: http://www.realdealcormier.com

Full Name: Broderick Christopher Cormier

Nick Name: The Real Deal

Date of Birth: August 19, 1967

Place of Birth: Palm Springs, California

Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

Occupation: IFBB professional bodybuilder

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'10"

Off-Season Weight: 285 lbs.

Contest Weight: 252 lbs.

Chest (contest): 52"

Arms (contest): 22"

Waist (contest): 32"

Bench Press (1 rep max.): 550 lbs.

Squat: 675 lbs. x 2 reps

Bodybuilding Goals: “To win the ‘Triple Crown’ – Mr. Olympia, the Arnold Classic, and the GNC show!”

Biggest Influences: “Of course, my family is my inspiration more than anything. I take my family very seriously, perhaps more seriously than other people. I'm not just a person who heads out to the clubs every chance he gets. It's totally the opposite for me. When I can spend time with my family, I do.”

Words of Wisdom: “Follow your dreams, keep the sport fun, and don't get too down on yourself if you don't win every show. Have a good time and you'll be in the sport a lot longer than someone who is really let down when they don't win. It takes time to build a championship physique, so stay consistent with your diet. Keep your protein intake high and you'll make gains and have fun with the sport. Also, remember to take your CELL-TECH and NITRO-TECH.”

Something interesting that few people know about you: “I was going to compete in my first bodybuilding competition when I was 15, but I chickened out because I was very shy! That's something people don't really realize about me: I'm very shy! When I'm up there onstage, I just try to fake it and pretend that I'm not shy. But bodybuilding has really helped me with my self-confidence in everyday life. Also, I started college at a young age [16]. I was a lot younger than my comrades were. I think that has a lot to do with my tenacity and mental toughness today. It's in my psyche.”

Chris Cormier Recent Competitions

2004 Australia Pro Invitational – 2nd place
2004 Arnold Classic – 2nd place
2003 Australia Pro Invitational – 1st place
2003 San Francisco Pro Invitational – 2nd place
2003 Arnold Classic – 2nd place
2002 San Francisco Pro Invitational – 2nd place
2002 Arnold Classic – 2nd place
2002 Grand Prix Holland – 2nd place
2002 Grand Prix England – 3rd place
2002 Australia Pro Invitational – 1st place
2002 Grand Prix Austria – 1st place
2002 Ironman Pro Invitational – 1st place



Chris Cormier Videos

Chris Cormier With 200 Pound DB Presses

Dexter jackson vs. Chris Cormier at the 2005 Arnold

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