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January 31, 2023
Christy V

"I was born in Seattle, Washington but grew up in the Mid-west, Wichita, Kansas to be exact. The "Land of Oz" with Dorothy and Toto.

I saw more cows, wheat fields and tornadoes than I care to remember. My parents took me all over the U.S. while I was growing up. We went to Sea World in California when I was five. We went to Las Vegas and New York more times than I can count. And we moved to New Port Richey, Florida for about a year when I was still in High School. We probably drove through almost every state. But my favorite was always Florida. I wanted to be near the ocean again with the warm coastal breezes and sand between my toes.

I was living in Wichita and working for an aircraft manufacturing company when a friend living in Florida suggested I move Jacksonville. Feeling in a rut at the time, I decided to quit my job, pack a moving van and move close to the beaches and home of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That's when my life really changed. Modeling had always been something I had dreamed of, but I never thought it would be a reality for me. I stumbled upon it by accident...."

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