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September 21, 2023
Bodybuilder Craig Titus Tribute

Pro Bodybuilder Craig TitusCraig Titus Bio

Craig Michael Titus was born January 14, 1967, of Greek and French stock. Craig lived most of his early life outside Detroit, Michigan, in a city called Riverview.

Craig has a younger brother, Kevin, and a younger sister, Nicole. He played football until the 9th grade in high school. Shortly after the 10th grade season, he had to quit football because he was much too small at 130 pounds. Because of his size, Craig started rowing for a while, after which time he went into wrestling, in the 11th grade. He liked wrestling a lot because it was an individual sport and he was matched against other athletes of his own bodyweight and size. Almost immediately, Craig became the Michigan State High School Wrestling championship in his 132-pound weight class. Wrestling then led him into bodybuilding.

Results from bodybuilding came extremely fast for Craig and he liked the way that he was gaining weight and becoming more muscular at the same time. He loved the new look that bodybuilding was giving him and quickly became addicted. By the time he was 20 years old, he had massed up to 185 pounds. But then he was forced to stop training because he was working in a strenuous job that his uncle and dad got for him in underground excavation, building tunnels.

The new job brought Craig to Texas, but he couldn’t stay away from bodybuilding for long and again started training with even more determination than before. Shortly thereafter, he entered his first competition and won the middleweight class and overall title at the 1988 Houston Championships. In 1989, Craig hooked up with Houston nutritionist Keith Klein who helped him greatly with pre-contest dieting. Craig entered the 1989 Houston Championships and again won the overall. He met Jim Quinn there and Jim impressed Craig a great deal and they became friends.

Craig went on to the Western Cup, jumping up to the light heavyweight class and winning the class. Shortly after he left his job with the excavation company and started doing personal training and devoting himself to his bodybuilding career.

Next came ESPN’s “Tournament of Champions” and then in 1991 the “Ironman”, where Craig won his class plus the Overall. There was no turning back. In 1993, Craig entered the USA’s to get his pro-card, but came in fourth. This was still a major accomplishment, competing against the likes of Chris Cormier, Paul DeMayo, Mike Francois, Ken Castagnoli and Dennis Newman. In 1994, Craig went back to the USA’s and came in second behind Dennis Newman, with whom he had become good friends. Craig went on that year to the Nationals and came in second to Paul DeMayo. It was at this time that Craig met Debee Halo at a photo shoot. They went on to become “an item” and Craig travelled to Spain with Debee for a while and then eventually moved to Marina del Ray in California.

When Craig moved to California, he was hailed as number one world heavyweight contender for amateur titles. He was appearing on magazine covers from Germany to Hong Kong to Brazil. California changed a lot for Craig. It brought him more success and more controversy, and trouble. In 1995 he was implicated in a drug crime and forfeited a year of his life as a result. More determined than ever, Craig came back full force, finally capturing the 1996 USA’s and his long sought after IFBB pro card.

Kelly Ryan walked into Craig’s life and the two have been sharing their exciting careers ever since. They have been living in Las Vegas, Nevada for a couple of years now. Having his IFBB pro card has opened many doors for Craig. He has a professional career that keeps him busy now. He is definitely leaving his mark on the world of bodybuilding. And he ain’t finished yet!


Craig Titus Competition History

5th in the 2001 Ironman
2nd in the 2001 San Fran Grand Prix
6th in the 2001 Arnold Classic
11th in the 2001 Olympia
5th in the 2002 Night of Champions
11th in the 2002 Olympia
7th in the 2002 New Orleans Grand Prix
3rd in the 2003 Night of Champions
5th in the 2004 Pro Ironman
6th in the 2004 Arnold Classic

Craig Titus Video

Craig Titus Chest Workout

Craig Titus Pics

Craig Titus Craig Titus Craig Titus Craig Titus

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