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January 31, 2023
Danijela's Fitness Lifestyle

Danijela is a winner of the Mediterranean Championship, Yugoslavia and Balkan Championship in Fitness and Body-Building. Danijela has great European expierence in health and fitness. She has appered on over 30 sports magazines and was the star of her own TV show "Fitness for everybody" in Yugoslavia. Danijela is a Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant and her goal is to motivate you to a healthier, happier and more energetic lifestyle.

"My wish is to promote body-building and fitness as the best sports for healthy, strong, beautiful and sexy shaped body; in addition I would like to give my knowledge and experience for everyone who will need it to be successful.In my site I will offer you some galleries of my photos, tips on training, nutritions and motivation."

Birthplace: Yugoslavia, Europa.
Current residence: Vancouver, Canada.
Occupation: Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: 145 lbs.
Measuraments: 34-26-34
Hair color: Dark brown.
Eye color: Blue.
Special interest: Traveling, Nature and Animals.
Favorite music: Anything that makes me feel good.
Favorite movies: All Disney's movies.
Favorite chanel: Discovery, TSN.
Favorite book: The Encyclopedia of World Geography
Favorite place: Los Angeles, California, South Africa, Amazon.
Favorite automobile: Toyota 4 runner.
Favorite color: Black.
Favorite animals: Dolphins, Parotts and Dogs.
Favorite food: Eggs, Meat, Milk and Fruits.

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