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July 17, 2024
Bodybuilder Dave Liberman Tribute

Dave Liberman Posing & Interview

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About Dave Liberman

I became involved with weight training at the age of 13 in order to battle a weight problem and to improve my self-esteem. After lifting weights at home, I decided to join a local YMCA. Fortunately this particular YMCA had an extensive gym with a variety of free weights and machines.

In 1983 at the age of 17, I decided it was time to try competing, and took home my first bodybuilding trophy, and placed fourth in the NPC Teenage Ohio North District. For the following 10 years I competed successfully in a multitude of bodybuilding contests.

With my success on the bodybuilding stage I received a contract with Cybergenics, a New Jersey based supplement company. I was a spokes person for them for three years, and was so well received I was given the responsibility of representing the company by handling all their military accounts. This gave me the unique opportunity to make a living at what I love to do, and travel the world in the process. Some of the places I made appearances were Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia and all over the US including Alaska.

After a bit of traveling, I felt the need to come back to the Cleveland, OH area and start my personal training and nutritional services. The majority of my business is fueled by everyday people whose main desire is to lose weight, tone up and improve their overall health and fitness.

I am still very involved with the bodybuilding and fitness community, and often find time to write and take photos for various bodybuilding and fitness publications. In addition, I am a promoter of NPC bodybuilding and fitness events in the Cleveland area, and donate a good portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

Dave Liberman Tips On Nutrition

There are 3,500 calories per pound of body fat, so unless you`re planning to run a marathon every day, you better follow a healthy, low-fat, nutritious program.

Your body is repaired through lean quality protein, so adequate protein consumption is essential for muscle growth. Although the majority of my clients have no intention of building extreme amounts of muscle, they must understand that by adding muscle to their frame, they make their body use more calories to sustain that muscle, therefore lessening the chance that those calories will be converted into fat.

"You are what you eat" is never more true than when you`re trying to burn excess body fat and shape up. It`s essential to realize that it takes both proper nutrition and exercise (especially resistance training with weights/machines) to get the results you`re looking for. A good diet isn't enough!

All in all, there are two major aspects to physical fitness; maintaining a safe and healthy diet, and consistently engaging in a personalized fitness routine.
For a few added tips on nutrition, consult the table on the right.

Dave Liberman's Training

I have been in the personal training business for 15 years, and have worked with a variety of people designing personal programs to obtain each person's unique fitness goals. Some of the programs I specialize in are fat loss, muscle toning, nutrition, weight training, cardio, aerobics, and whatever else is available to help improve a person's health and well being. Programs can range from three times per week to as much as five to six times per week, depending upon your level of development - beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Few muscle groups highlight a male or female physique quite as much as thick and full, well developed pecs. Most people that desire an athletic or muscular physique require thickness from the side and front of their upper torso, making proper chest training an absolute necessity in their workout program.

The back is the biggest muscle in your upper-body. It's essential for proper posture, and supporting your torso. A properly developed and balanced back gives you that classic v-taper, which makes your shoulders look wider, and your waist smaller.

The largest muscle groups in your body are your legs. They consist of quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Properly developed legs not only complete your physique, but are vital for necessary day to day activities.

Shoulders and Arms
Shoulders set the stage for an athletic and tapered upper body, and help support your arms, and compliment your back.

Your arms consist of triceps and biceps. Your triceps have three heads (as a tricycle has three wheels) making up two thirds of your arm size, your biceps have two heads.

Dave Liberman Bodybuilding Videos

Dave Liberman Bodybuilding Posing Routine

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