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July 14, 2024
Bodybuilder Dennis James Tribute

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Dennis James Stats

Born: Heidelberg, Germany, May 31st, 1969
Residence: Pattaya, Thailand
Height: 5' 8"
Competition Weight: 260 lbs

Dennis James Bio

Current Occupation:  Professional Bodybuilder

Current Residence:  Pattaya, Thailand

Marital Status:  Married

Favorite Automobile:  Mercedes

Favorite Music:  Soul, R&B, Rap and Blues

Favorite Binge Food:  Cheesecake & Ice-Cream

Favorite Actor:  Samuel L. Jackson

Favorite Movie:  "Rush Hour" with Chris Tucker

If weren't a bodybuilder today, what would you probably be doing ?:  Playing Major League soccer in Germany.

In Five Years time I will be.....  On Top

Trait you most admire in others:  Honesty.

Trait you don't admire in others:  Tardiness.

Trait you most admire in yourself:  I never give up, and I'm honest.

Your Worst Trait:  Sometimes I can be too honest, which isn't always taken too well.

Best thing about living in Thailand: It's real laid back, and with all the islands around, you can just take a boat to visit any one of many islands.

What do you do to relax: Stay at home, or take my family to one of the islands.

What is your most Prized Possession: My little girl Anna, and wife Sin. My 2001 European Pro Championship medal for my first pro win.  2003 Mr. Olympia 4th place finish

What are your long term goals / ambitions for the future: To always be involved in Bodybuilding.

What is your greatest source of motivation and inspiration: Watching BB videos.

Bodybuilding Titles Won

2002 Grand Prix England - 2nd
2002 Grand Prix Holland - 4th
2002 Mr. Olympia - 10th
2002 Night of Champions XIV - Didn't place
2002 IFBB Arnold Classic - 7th
2001 British Grand Prix - 3rd
2001 Mr. Olympia - 7th
2001 Grand Prix Hungary - IFBB, Winner
2001 Grand Prix Australia - IFBB, 2nd
2001 Arnold Classic - IFBB, 3rd
2000 Pro World Championships - IFBB, 4th
2000 Olympia - IFBB, 11th
2000 Ironman Pro Invitational - IFBB, 7th
2000 Grand Prix Hungary - IFBB, 3rd
2000 Grand Prix England - IFBB, 3rd
2000 Arnold Classic - IFBB, 4th
1999 Night of Champions - IFBB, 15th
1998 USA Championships - NPC, Super-HeavyWeight, 1st
1998 USA Championships - NPC, Overall Winner
1997 Nationals - NPC, HeavyWeight, 4th
1997 Junior Nationals - NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 6th
1996 Universe - Pro - NABBA, 2nd
1996 Junior USA - NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 13rd
1995 Universe - NABBA, Medium-Tall, 1st
1994 Universe - NABBA, Medium-Tall, 2nd
1993 Universe - NABBA, Medium-Tall, 4th



Dennis James Videos

Dennis James Posing

Dennis James Leg Pressing Some Insane Weight

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