Weight Lifting, Weight Training, Bench Press & Bodybuilding
October 14, 2019
About Tonya Elliott


128 lbs.

Birth Date & Sign:
February 11th, Aquarius

Richmond, KY

To be happy and healthy. To always be true to myself. I also want to be very well known in the fitness industry, and I want to be financially secure. (Doesn't every girl!)

What Do You Find Most Sexy About a Man?
He has to have a great butt! He also has to have a great sense of humor, be very intelligent, and have a warm heart.

Favorite Movie:
I have three that I could watch over and over! The first one is Rocky, the other two are Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman.

Favorite Music:
I love Enigma, Disturbed and Godsmack. I like lots of dance music and heavy metal.

Worst Pick-up Line:
I was working out next to this guy, minding my own business and he said," Is that you that smells like a peach"?

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