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January 31, 2023
Fitness Model Erin Connor

Erin Connor Bio

Erin Connor has slowly been working her way up and into the scene and the industry. She began her career doing extra work through Ambassador Talent for clients such as Inifniti Cars and Snickers. She then received her largest ad ever with Pony Athletic Shoes which went International (magazines and life-size posters in stores in Europe). Shortly afterwards she became an Official ESPN Miller Lite Fuegos Girl which opened her new career to many other opportunities! She has now worked with clients such as Showtime Network, Bacardi, Playboy, Miller, Miller Lite, CAO Cigars, Pony Athletic Shoes, Bohyme, ESPN, XM Satellite Radio, Hot Import Nights, Z100 Radio (NY), Soak Magazine, 93X radio (WI), and Desire Magazine. She has also been featured in publications/magazines such as "Wedding Planner", "Sunless", Body Fitness UK, UR Chicago,Desire, Exposure, and is the Cover Girl for the Premier upcoming issue of Desire Magazine!

She also finished a week long filming for the upcoming reality show "Shutup and Model" and is a model for the commercials on Showwtime for "Sexual Healing-a new reality tv show. She has many new prospects to come!


10 years of jazz, tap, & ballet at Joan Malone Dance Center (Saginaw, MI)
1 year of gymnastics (Saginaw, MI)
Hemlock Volleyball Team (2 years)
2 years of piano (Nancy Benjamin)
2 years of clarinet (Nancy Benjamin)
Hemlock Cheerleader (2 years)
Showboat contestant (Joan Malone Dance Center)
2 drama awards (Drama club- one lead [stage] part)
TGIF showgirl 2000
Snickers commercial 2003
Infiniti car commercial 2003
Scott Harrison TFP work 2004
Chad Lee Motorcycle calendar 2004
Chad Lee TFP 2004
Chicago health & beauty magazine Tearsheet 2004 (Southern Exposure)
"Wedding Planner 2005" Tearsheet (Southern Exposure)
Dirtbag Clothing website work 2004
Pony Athletic Shoes advertisement (campaign 4- 'basket' ad-cheerleader) 2004
Chiride December Model of the Month 2004
Hotwallpaperworld (Erin's wallpapers) 2005
City Photo Lab "Style" award in Hall of Fame 2005
Soulmate Magazine (Canadian music magazine) 2005
Scott Harrison TFP work 2005
Liquid Assets advertisement 2005
ESPN Official Miller Light Fuegos Girl 2005
Walter Malabehar Cantu TFP work 2005
"Chromium" Flyer 2005
"Sunless" Magazine tearsheet 2005
Envy Tan postcard 2005
Maxim VIP Party guest
Bohiyme Hair advertisement/video (extensions) 2005
ESPN Miller Lite Fuegos poster 2005
Playboy Private casting party VIP guest
Playboy Girls of Golf (Playboy Scramble event)
Playboy Playmate testshoot 2005
Hollywood Girls of Poker Finalist 2005
Official Hollywood Poker Girl 2005
OnlineShowoff Model 2005
Hot Aussie Model 2005
Flicking Loaded Official Clothing Model 2005
Iquirimage Cover Model 2005
BestFormInc. featured fitness model 2005
Untouchable Magazine model finalist 2005
Music Video Vixen Semi-Finalist 2005
Soak Magazine potential model 2005
Creative Model Management photoshoot (CIMM) 2005
Hawaii Import featured model 2005
Import Phone featured model 2005
Paradise Models guest model 2005
Da Jump Off featured model 2005
Royal Blue Dimes Calendar Finalist 2005
Xpozr Magazine Spotlight Model (tearsheet 2005)
Hot Import Nights Chicago event represented by XM Satellite Radio & DialD Magazine 2005
Red Hot Girls II semi-finalist 2005
Red Hot Girls III contestant 2005
Eyes4less semi-finalist 2005
Lean Ladies featured model 2005
MoGirls featured guest model 2005
Hottest & Sexiest Model Alive contestant 2005
Wireless radio spokesmodel contestant 2005
Top End featured model 2005
Hamlin Photo featured model 2005
Z100 #1 Hottie of the week (New York radio announcements) 2005
93 X radio January 12th '06 Hottie of the Day (Milwaukee radio)
NJBT Featured model 2005
Autosportz featured model interview 2005
STX Productions featured model 2005
Gentworld model contestant 2005
Rookiebabe model contestant 2005
Swimsuit Sirens model contestant 2005
Modeling-World Hot Body model contestant 2005
Savvy Model contestant 2005
BodyRockin' Hot 100 Model 2005
Undiscovered model contestant 2005
Fever Magazine featured Internet Hottie and contestant 2005
Ultimate Fit Woman featured model and contestant 2005
Dream Axis Talent of the Year contestant 2005
Bikers and Babes model contestant 2005
Rotobabes lingerie model contestant 2005
Strike a Pose season II model contestant 2005
Miss Online Universe contestant 2005
Dimepiece Models most popular model 2005
Elegance Talent Group Spotlight Model 2005
DJ Rhumble Official 1st featured "Honey Love" model 2005
Body Fitness Magazine featured model interview/tearsheet (UK-avail. 1st Thursday of Feb. [March issue]) 2005
"Shutup and Model" Reality TV Show model contestant 2005
SOAK Magazine interview 2006
SOAK Magazine party hostess 2006
SOAK Magazine group photoshoots 2006
Hollywood Girls of Poker semi-finalist 2006
Beer.com girl semi-finalist 2006
Jim Wangard photoshoot (Boating Magazine submission) 2006
Music "Video Vixen" Finalist 2006
ModelZRUS 2nd place winner for best stomach 2006
Shutup and Model Official Trailer 2006
Shutupand model banners & wallapapers 2006
Shapefit.com featured showcase model (photos and interview) 2006
Superbutts finalist calendar model (handed out during Superbowl) 2006
FBM Magazine Cover Model 2006
Lingerie.6ln featured model 2006
UR Chicago Magazine Tearsheet (fashion shoot) 2006
Sassy Assy Boutique clothing model 2006
DJ Beat Banga featured model 2006
100 List Girl of Da Week 2006
Official Stargirl model 2006
Official Kong Fitness Model 2006
UR Chicago featured contributor tearsheet 2006
Playboy Editorial testshoot 2006
RT Webdesigns 2007 calendar model finalist 2006
Hot Import Nights Chicago w/XM Sat. Radio, DialD Magazine & Twista 2006
Chosen model for Skrilla's debut music video "Gimme That Bass" 2006
Featured model on Hood Tech 2006
Featured World's Most Beautiful Woman 2006
97-9 casting call, 2 nd interview, online voting, first round online voting winner 2006
Desire Magazine Tearsheet (full layout) 2006
"The Big Smoke" w/CAO Cigars 2006
Bacardi Girl for 107.5 and Avant's new album launch 2006
Kandyland model at Kandyland at Playboy Mansion Party 2006
Ring Girl for Lou Tufano-wrestling show 2006
Superbowl chosen calendar model 2006
Giraffe Foods at the NRA show 2006
Girls N Guns Calendar chosen model 2006
Speaking part in upcoming movie "Silver"
NOS Energy Drink promotion (June)
Crucial Conflict upcoming music video (soon)
JODECI VIP Celebrity Circle seats (August)
BSP Wet N' Wild beach shoot 2006
Medusa Photoshoot with Jamie Becker of Becker Studio & Photography 2006

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