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April 22, 2024
Bodybuilder Flex Wheeler Tribute

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Flex Wheeler Stats

Name: Ken "Flex" Wheeler
Height: 5'9"
Off Season Weight: Around 247lbs.
Competition Weight: Around 232 lbs.
Arms: 22"

Flex Wheeler Tan, Tested & Clean

When FLEX WHEELER announced his return to bodybuilding after a short retirement, he claimed that he would compete in the 2002 Mr. Olympia clean. To the uninitiated, that means absolutely no steroids or performance-enhancing pharmaceuticals as part of his pre-Olympia regimen. The reaction to his announcement? Laughter, disbelief, derision.

Stop laughing. The always-controversial Wheeler has put his bodily fluids where his mouth is -- although not literally, we hope. According to VICTOR CONTE, head of Balco Labs and the creator of superstar supplement ZMA, Wheeler has submitted to urine and blood analyses and has been judged spick-and-span.

It really does seem his biochemical profile is consistent with someone who has not used steroids. Said Conte, who spoke with us on October 15, "His samples have been tested by reputable laboratories and have satisfied the chain-of-custody requirements."

Having recently rubbed elbows with Wheeler, FLEX Editor-in-Chief PETER McGOUGH was impressed by the 36-year-old star's phenomenal physique: full, hard and cut, with all of Flex's trademark shapes and muscle bellies. McGough also noted Wheeler's healthy overall appearance and calm assured demeanor. "His joints are actually smaller," said McGough. "He looked better than he has in years."

Bodybuilding Titles Won

1993 Ironman Pro 1st
1993 Arnold Classic 1st
1993 Mr. Olympia 2nd
1995 Ironman Pro 1st
1995 Arnold Classic 2nd
1995 South Beach Pro 1st
1995 Mr. Olympia 8th
1995 Grand Prix Spain 5th
1996 Ironman Pro 1st
1996 Arnold Classic 2nd
1996 Night of Champions 1st
1996 Canada Pro Classic 2nd
1996 Florida Cup Pro 1st
1996 Mr. Olympia 4th
1997 Ironman Pro 1st
1997 Arnold Classic 1st
1997 San Jose Pro 1st
1998 IFBB Ironman Invitational 1st
1998 IFBB Arnold Classic 1st
1998 Mr Olympia - 2nd
1999 Grand Prix England - 2nd
1999 Joe Weider's PRO WORLD - 2nd
1999 MR OLYMPIA - 2nd
2000 MR OLYMPIA - 3rd
2000 Hungarian Grand Prix - 1st
2000 Arnold Classic - 1st

Flex Wheeler Videos

Flex Wheeler Training Video

Flex Wheeler Trailor


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