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Biography and Experience

Carmen Garcia is an International fitness Goddess; proactive in all levels of physical wellness, yoga, belly dance, travel and vegetarian-veganism as a new way of life. She is an all around athlete born with a competitive nature, a zest for life in remaining youthful in a spiritual and physical manner through daily awareness. A world traveler and a true "foodie" at heart, Carmen continually works to enlighten the world with her knowledge and passion about a healthy balanced lifestyle. Her latest food blogging has led her to a new project on cookbook for a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, a current work in progress. As a fit lifestyle coach, Miss Garcia believes in wellness via proper nutrition, exercise and being centered spiritually and physically.

For a several years, Carmen was involved in the bodybuilding and fitness industry before she independently branched out on her own to start an active apparel line, Fitbody STAR. She successfully worked her way up to one of the most popular fit personas and entrepreneurs that highlights her leadership qualities and career today. The highly motivated fit model has appeared in countless publications Internationally. From numerous magazines, commercials to hosting television game shows around the world.

Carmen is a certified fitness instructor and a nutrition consultant by the Professional Personal Trainer's Association (USPTA), CPR certified. She is a current IDEAfit member and studied with the International Sports and Science Association. Her extensive experience aids in assisting clients by achieving their goals in an innovative & challenging, yet insightful way, leaving the old paradigm thinking behind of stressing the body out with strenuous workouts and hardcore weight training trends. Moderation is key for the femme-fit guru. Not only is Carmen a professional model, instructor and food blogger, but she has managed to infiltrate her skills in providing a fit lifestyle coaching system and training services in Los Angeles. Fitbody STAR is no longer an apparel line, but a unique service that offers live and online coaching as one of her expertise via the internet, as she demonstrates through photos, in-person and on video education.

Fitbody Star Lifestyles implements nutrition, indoor/outdoor activity, yoga movement and stretching, dance, body and weight resistance, interval training, outdoor circuit training, boot camps, kickboxing techniques, plyometrics, core training and overall functional training for better sports & daily task performance.

Carmen's mantra is to create balance through proper nutrition from plant (protein) sources, supplementation and a variation of exercise activities in order to achieve homeostasis and improve overall quality of healthy living for a sound body, mind and spirit.

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