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March 4, 2024
Glen Chabot Benches 665 in April of 2002
by Ben Tatar

There was a MOUNTAIN of a MAN, by the name of Glen Chabot.

Glen Chabot This Mountain of a man, won the Arnold Classic, only to lose it the next year and as Glen lost it he broke down into a depression! At first the monster went down into sorrow, but that sad grieving that he felt made him swallow sooo much lost fury, but in his article he found that lost fury and he made it CONSCIOUS and he had a deadly idea to destroy a new weight! . So, the synapses of Glen's brain started to feed the MEANEST chemical's in Chabot's thick head!!! His hypothalmus started creating these yellow blobs which represented Chabot's pain and the network of Glen's synapes created a STORM!! A STORM CRANKED AT FULL INTENSITY! And this storming striking Glen's brain was going to be used on a weight, a weight that echoed the HISTORY, a weight that made the world scream "HOLY S HIIIIIT" and that would make him a superstar, to redefine INSANE and redefine the definition of SCARY and REDEFINE A WORLD RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Chabot got out of control initially, getting kicked out of gym after gym until he found his home-- The Metal Militia bench wars! A meet full of smoke, darkness, loud music and a room full of the thickest, baddest and toughest looking men on the planet-- A brotherhood! So the meet was on and Glen walked around, the neuropedtides shot through his blood stream, and he BECAME SUPER HUMAN! And the axon in Glen's brain pushed his chemicals at FULL blast into a MAXIMUM FOCUS TO murder a WEIGHT, a weight that was bigger than what most of the freaks were benching with SHIRTS.

Glen Chabot So, Glen warms up doing 135, 225, 315, 405, 495, 585 with such ease in a t-shirt! He WIPED out the storm of the weights that fascinate us all, the weights we dream of benching, even the weights that strongman dream of benching and FINALLY, the moment was here! Chabot was going to bench 665 and break Kaz's record.

No, this wasn't just any 665, heck you know what Chabot did? He was going to lay flat on his back, no arch, no leg drive, pause the weight and use a narrow grip! He did this to show the USPF and ADFPA, what a joke they were for only using single ply gear! He was doing this for his dad, the best RAW bencher in the 181's of the past and most of all for himself-- To go down as the best (strongest, most legit bencher in history). And the attempt was on, in a t-shirt, Chabot came- The ATTITUDE was cranked up, Higher than an AC/DC concert, higher than Monday Night RAW and the 3 seconds of HIT or miss were more thrilling then the field goal kicker going for the super bowl win! AND SILENCE erupted, but a Volcano of power was in the air as it was CHABOT TIME, TIME, TIME! 665 WAS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chabot unracks the weight slowly, narrow grip, elbows out, like a gym rat who has never benched, 665 in his hands, the weight comes down and he SMOKES it like an empty bar!!! The crowd forces out violently, picks Glen up, "YEAH"!!!!!!!! Echos, across the gym as everyone is screaming,yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Glen is the man, yeah!!!! History WAS made, Kaz's record was shattered like if we benched 135! And then as the night came to a close, astonishment raced through our minds! As Glen left the message "RAW" power never dies! As Glen DISPLAYED, the "FREAKIEST" Display of bench press power in the history of powerlifting.


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