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June 4, 2023
Interview With Bodybuilder Guillermo Escalante
by Ben Tatar, Criticalbench.com

Bodybuilder Guillermo Escalante *1) Critical Bench: Guillermo Escalante, welcome to
www.criticalbench.com! Can you tell us about yourself?*

I was born in San Jose Costa Rica but was primarily raised in Southern CA. I played football and ran track (sprinter) in high school and graduated with top honors. After high school, I went to U. of la Verne where I got my BS and masters degrees. I also competed in track and football while in college. Since the age of 12, I have been into fitness, nutrition, and health. I got my first weight set at 11 years of age.

In 2000, I started my first company, Sports pros, which provide physical therapy, sports medicine, and personal training services. The year 2000 was also when I started bodybuilding. We have grown over the years and now have 2 business partners. In 2004, I purchased World Gym in West Covina with my business partners. We are opening a world gym express in Rialto in the next few months.

Since doing my first bodybuilding show as a bantamweight, I have moved up the chain and now compete nationally as a middleweight. Last year I won the 2005 Orange County Middleweight title and took third at the NPC Jr. USAs. I am preparing for the 2006 North American Championships this September in Cleveland, Oh.

*2) Critical Bench: Can you tell us about your on season, off season, diet, lifting and cardio routine?*

In season I eat very regimented and strict 16 weeks out from a show 7 days a week...no cheat meal. Training doesn't change expect I add more cardio.

Off season, training is not much different, but I do only 20 min of cardio at a low intensity 3-4 times/wk to stay a bit lean. I don't like to go above 10 or 11% body fat. I eat a lot of good clean calories 85% of the time and have a few splurges once in a while.

Bodybuilder Guillermo Escalante *3) Critical Bench: What is it about bodybuilding that you love so much and what is it about bodybuilding that you hate?*

I love the dedication and discipline.

I hate the sacrifices the family has to make to help you be successful. I don't mind the sacrifice, but I don't like them to have to sacrifice....but there is no other way!

*4) Critical Bench: At least you have succeeded! So, what does your family think about your bodybuilding success?*

They support me in what I do. They like the success because it makes me happy...and they like me to be happy and to accomplish my goals.

*5) Critical Bench: What has been your favorite bodybuilding moment and funniest bodybuilding moment to date?*

Favorite- First top 2 placing at a national show

Funniest- Accidentally buying PAM cooking spray to oil up backstage that was scented and flavored onions and garlic....yeah..I smelled great.

*6) Critical Bench: What advice would you like to tell the world to be successful in bodybuilding?*

Always be consistent with your training and food

*7) Critical Bench: where do you stand on the use of steroids and supplements*?

Kids should not use steroids. Supplements are ok for kids, but not all...is well informed. With kids, make sure they understand that supplements aren't magic. They provide a minimal boost. Hard work and good food are the keys to success.

For adults, same thing! Don't rely on steroids or supplements to get gains...they are mere aids.

It is a personal choice what you take...I don't condone it or condemn it. People do what they need to do to perform at their best.

*8) Critical Bench: What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?*

Favorite: I love squats. I also like doing drop set hack squats, that's pain!

My least favorite exercise is shoulder presses

*9) Critical Bench: What keeps you motivated to be the best?

Me...The drive to win! The drive to be recognized and respected by being the best at what one does.

*10) Critical Bench: After visiting your website ( http://www.thebiguniverse.com/gescalante/) you have made more accomplishments than I could list from being on television and sending messages about stopping obesity in America to even being published in big magazines like muscle and fitness. So, what's next?*

To Open more gyms and physical therapy clinics. Then I want to earn my IFBB Pro Card and compete in a pro show. Also to get my doctoral degree in athletic training which I'm 2/3's there.

*11) Critical Bench: Guillermo, it has been a pleasure interviewing you. Is there anything else that you would like to say in closing?*

I would like to thank my sponsors Sylvester Stallones Nutrition Line, and Instone Nutrition. Also be sure to check out my website: http://www.thebiguniverse.com/gescalante/


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