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June 24, 2024
Interview With Bodybuilder Hany Salib
by Ben Tatar, Criticalbench.com

Bodybuilder Al Fortney 1. CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about yourself?

My name is Hany Salib. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. My family is originally from Egypt and I was the first child to be born in the United States . I grew up in Fayetteville , NC , and I was a military child, my father retired from the army. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio, but will be moving to Orlando, Florida soon. I'm currently 5'8 275-280 pounds and in good shape.

2. CRITICAL BENCH: What got you started in bodybuilding?

I was always fascinated with the WWE wrestlers that I saw on TV. Also, since we had a weight bench in the garage. After I saw my dad using it, I got curious and got hooked since.

3. CRITICAL BENCH: Do you eat clean year round?

I pretty much eat clean year round. The only thing that changes is my carb intake, protein intake, and cardio as we get closer. The bottom line is you cant put on muscle if you don't eat good quality food all the time!!!!

4. CRITICAL BENCH: Do you do cardio year round?

Cardio is done year round, varies by what we are doing at the time but i stay round 30 min for now.

5. CRITICAL BENCH: Do you get huge and ripped by through strict form and light weights or heavy weights?

I lift heavy all the time.

6. CRITICAL BENCH: What do you do for work?

I own a juice bar on Langley Air force base in Hampton, VA. We sell protein shakes, supplements and give people advice on staying in shape.

7. CRITICAL BENCH: What types of injuries have you experienced during your bodybuilding career?

Well I have suffered through 3 torn muscles for one, but that is all taken care of.

8. CRITICAL BENCH: Tell me one of the biggest highlights of your bodybuilding career thus far?

My greatest high light is hooking up with Hany Rambod. He's the pro creator from muscular development

9. CRITICAL BENCH: What is your goal right now?

My goal right now is to go pro. Hany Rambod and I have the game plan together. I hope to come on stage at about 250 or so at 5'8 and in shape. Im not going to rush things. I will be coming soon though!!!!

10 . CRITICAL BENCH: What supplements do you take and which is your favorite?

I take Universal Animal Pak, Pro-Whey Concentrate, Vitargo CGL, and Growth Hormone. My favorite is Growth Hormone.

11. CRITICAL BENCH: What is your stance on drugs?

Just like any sport it's all there. The bottom line is you can take all the drugs you want. If you don't know what you're doing, along with diet and training you're wasting your time. There is a science behind all this to put on muscle and not just look like a balloon.

12. CRITICAL BENCH: What does the sport of bodybuilding mean to you?

I live, eat, breath this sport, it requires unbelievable discipline and desire. It takes great mental prep to put your body through all this on a consistent basis.

13. CRITICAL BENCH: What's your training advice for the world?

The thing is whether you're a beginner intermediate, or advanced is you have to be consistent with training and diet. you cant do one or the other. if you are going to work with someone make sure that person knows what they are doing and stick with that person. don't jump back and forth. it will set you up for disaster.

14. CRITICAL BENCH: What's next for you?

I'm moving to Orlando in June and would like to build up a personal training clientele. if anyone is interested you can contact me at hanysalib@zoomshare.com

15. CRITICAL BENCH: Is there anything else that you would like to say ?

Basically if you work hard and put your heart and soul into something you should be able to achieve your goals regardless of what it is. Check me out at hanysalib.zoomshare.com or at tigerfitness.com and special thanks to criticalbench for taking the time to interview me.


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