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June 12, 2024
Bodybuilder Ivan Nikolov Tribute

Bulgarian natural  bodybuilder Ivan NikolovIvan Nikolov's Official Web site:

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My name is Ivan Nikolov. I was born and grew up in Bulgaria. When I was a child I tried many different sports till one day I found myself in a little gym, equipped only with a couple of olympic size barbells, a bench and a pair of dumbbells. After my first several workouts I realized that all this time I've been looking for the most effective way to model my physique just like an artist works on his sculpture. I found my way. My body was my 'piece of art' and bodybuilding and nutrition were my 'tools'. From this moment on I've been striving to improve my body little by little, part by part.

I began with bodybuilding roughly 17 years a go. Since then I've taken part in many competitions. My first contest in the United States was the Natural bodybuilding show Musclmania-Superbody in 2003, which is a part of the prestigious FAME World Events. Since then I've competed in 4 more Musclemania World contests and have always placed among the top five in my class. I also won my class and the overall title in the NPC show Tampa Bay Classic'04 - being a natural athlete I consider this competition to be the top in my sports career.

My greatest passion, related to the sport of bodybuilding is nutrition. As a natural bodybuilder I have to always find ways to improve and optimize my diet routine. I don't have an official degree in nutrition and I don't think it is absolutely necessary to have one.

Just recently I created FitNA - fitness nutrition software, which is oriented toward designing meal plans for athletes. FitNA was also designed to help anyone who realizes the fact that training and nutrition go hand in hand, and that only this combination will ultimately lead to great results in terms of muscle gain and fat loss. But, this is a big topic for another place at another time.


Ivan Nikolov

P.S. Stop by my Web site for great exercise and fat loss tips.

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Bodybuilder Ivan Nikolov


Bodybuilder Ivan Nikolov

necessary to build muscle fast"

"A top natural bodybuilder, trainer and fitness nutrition consultant teaches you how to build muscle fast by choosing and implementing the right training program and nutrition plan for you"

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Natural Bodybuilder Ivan Nikolov




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