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July 14, 2024
JM Presses For Developing Extreme Tricep Power
By Ben Tatar & Mike Westerdal of CriticalBench.com

JM Blakely The training techniques used by the Westside Barbell Club down in Columbus Ohio are producing the strongest powerlifters in the world today. In this article we'll introduce you to a new exercises that you can add into your exercise routine to develop extreme tricep power.

JM Presses

J.M. presses work a lot like skull crushers, but are much more effective for developing tricep strength because the emphasis is solely in the triceps. To perform J.M, first keep your hands 18 inches apart and lower the bar in a straight line above the lower pecs and then stop 3-5 inches above the body, hold for a second, and press the weight straight up. J.M. Presses work differently than tricep extensions because the delts don't play a role, ensuring that the triceps to do all the work. The JM press exercise was named after J.M. Blakely who invented this exercise very recently. All of the world record bench presser's holders are performing JM presses these days. Most powerlifters use JM presses with heavy weights and lower reps.

Purpose of Exercise: An advanced exercise for developing explosive power in the triceps.

Execution of Exercise: Lie on a flat bench, keep your feet firmly pressed down on the floor for stability. Use a narrow grip (6-12inches) on the bar. Lower the bar from arms length to 6 inches above your sternum pause for a second and explosively push the bar back to the start position. The bar should be lowered under control.

Important Points: The bar should move up and down in a straight line i.e. the bar should not move towards your head or feet during the lift, if this happens it is a sign that the bar is not under control. To ensure maximum results keep your elbows pointed out and forearms perpendicular to the floor. A spotter is advised.

Starting Position: JM Presses

JM Press - Start

Mid-Point: Position JM Presses

JM Press - Mid-Point

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