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September 30, 2023
Bodybuilder Jason Dayberry Tribute

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Jason Dayberry Bio

It all started in the fall of 1996. My freshman year of college was when I discovered my love for training. I joined the "barbell club" at Western Maryland College. I had a great facility as well, the Ravens training camp. What more can you ask for? After training for a year, I decided to enter my first contest. At 19 I caught the "bug" and from there on out I was hooked. Now after seven years of training I finally see that dream of going pro getting closer.

Born December 5, 1977

Currently living in Baltimore City

Married to Samantha (my love and support)

Train at Powerhouse gym (Kelso Dr, Baltimore)

Occupation: Elementary physical education teacher (Kindergarten cop!)

Education: Bachelor of Science from Salisbury State in Physical Education.

Dayberry Stats:

Weight - 255 lbs
Body fat - approx 8%

Weight - 270 lbs
Body fat - approx. 9%

Jason's Pics

Dayberry Jason Dayberry

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