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July 14, 2024
Bodybuilder Joe DeAngelis Tribute

Bodybuilder Joe DeAngelisJoe DeAngelis Official Web site:

Joe DeAngelis Bio

Throughout my years of training, through all the ups and downs, the one thing that has made the most difference is my mental state. Sure, cutting edge supplements, scientific training techniques, and the latest nutritional protocol will help, but that will not compete against someone with a burning desire, an ingrained NEED and BELIEF to be bigger and stronger! Nothing will substitute for this!

"Believe it and achieve it!" is a well worn battle cry of motivational speakers, and it still rings truer than ever. Whatever an individual can visualize in ones' mind, can also become a fact in reality.

Think of it this way. When you were a child, riding a bicycle seemed like a formidable task. But you saw other children riding, and you put faith in your parent, and a few minutes later you were riding. The second time you knew you could ride. You BELIEVED you could! And ride you did.

This same idea can be applied to every aspect of life, whether trying to earn a million dollars or lose fifteen pounds. Many millionaires who lose their fortunes usually end up millionaires again. Why? Because they believe, they KNOW, they can!

The one crucial element, which almost borders on the spiritual level, is a true, sincere, honest belief in the attainment of the goal. Halfhearted belief will equal halfhearted effort with half results the outcome The tricky part of this equation is having this strong belief the FIRST time you set out to accomplish a goal, not when trying to repeat it!

How can you develop this skill?

Tell yourself over and over everyday you look in the mirror how ugly you are, and your physical appearance will soon reflect the belief you are fostering inside. You'd have brainwashed yourself into being ugly. Instead, brainwash yourself with positive words and actions. Take the time for daily, even hourly, positive affirmations. Compliment yourself on being stronger, leaner, smarter. Look in the mirror and think only positive thoughts about who you are and what you are!

What about when you actually walk into the gym, or aerobics room, or even the board room? Certainly, having a positive mental attitude IS important, but what if your self-confidence is shattered at the thought of being faced by so many intimidating faces? Many world-class athletes approach training and competition with the distinct outlook that they are someone else-perhaps a powerful historic figure, like "Braveheart's" William Wallace, or a sports figure like Mohammed Ali, or ever a fictional character like "Rambo'' By taking on a different persona, your attitudes and limitations may turn for the better! William Wallace would not be intimidated in any situation! In Gold's Gym, Venice, the most shining and extreme example are David and Peter Paul, the popular Barbarian Brothers. They have taken this idea and taken it to the next level, forgoing typical gymwear for flannel shirts, jeans, work boots and a Barbarian attitude. They've even turned this persona into a full-fledged career.

Physical change is an extremely challenging endeavor, fraught with many joys and many tears. Approach fitness and every endeavor not with a negative 'must do' attitude, but instead look forward to the challenge of stretching your Limits, and the challenge of solving the problem. If you are not losing weight, well, what's the problem? Don't run to a personal trainer and ask, hoping he or she will answer your question quickly. Buy a book, go to the library, look more closely at your eating and exercise habits. Solve the problem yourself. Many times individuals look at the details of an endeavor without having any idea of where the detail fits in with the big picture A thorough understanding of any undertaking is necessary to inspire confidence in yourself and your abilities. "Believe and achieve" by being thoroughly informed and prepared!

Finally, as with any worthwhile effort, expect for there to be difficulties and twists and turns in the road. Don't look at these as obstacles or barriers, only challenges which will only cause you to rethink your strategy, double your effort perhaps, and spur you onto greater and better accomplishment. Any accomplishment achieved without effort is nothing to be proud of. Look at overcoming challenges as the gold, ultimately the true reward of any undertaking you might aim for.

Joe DeAngelis Stats

height: 5'10", weight:(comp) 245, (off) 300 lb, arms: 21.5, chest: 55, thigh: 29, waist: 32, calf: 19.5

Max Lifts: Bench press:550, Incline BB: 495, Deadlift: 780, Squat: 800, Behind Neck Press: 385

All lifts done without bench shirts, belts or knee wraps.


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