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September 30, 2023
Bodybuilder John DiLauro, Jr. Tribute

Bodybuilder John DiLauro, Jr.John DiLauro, Jr. Official Web site:

Bodybuilder John DiLauro, Jr.'s Bio

John F. DiLauro, Jr. (born October 06, 1967) is a national level professional bodybuilder. John's first competition in bodybuilding was in 1995 when he competed in the Team Univernal Natural Classics.

He currently lives in Southern Hills (Las Vegas), Nevada, USA. John has spent 20 years dedicated to sports nutrition. His portfolio includes miscellaneous photo shoots, modeling, T.V. commercials, and numerous ESPN appearances. He has also formulated one of the first cutting edge supplements for the sports nutrition industry. John has won the titles of Mr. Natural World & Mr. Natural International, placed in Mr. Natural Border States, Mr. Natural Universe and Mr. Arizona. He now competes as a National level N.P.C. Super-Heavy weight. John is truly his own testimonial of Extreme Labs Products!


  • Nationality: Italian and Polish

  • Married to: Kelly J. DiLauro

  • Children: Britney & John F. DiLauro, Jr. III

  • Dogs: Flex, Max (2 Siberian Huskies) & Bearzy (Lhasa Apso)

  • Off-Season Weight: 285 lb.

  • Competition Weight: 255 lb.

  • Arms 21"

  • Chest 56"

  • Thighs 31"

  • Waist off season 35", pre-contest 32"

  • Training location: Las Vegas, NV Gold's Gym

  • Favorite training day: Legs

  • Training partner: Eric DiLauro when he's in town..

  • Favorite Food: Circus Peanuts

  • Favorite pro bodybuilder: Ronnie

  • Inspiration: Tony Atlas

Contest History

  • Mr. Natural International 1995

  • Mr. Natural Border States 1996

  • Mr. Natural Universe 3rd place 1998

  • Mr. Natural World 1999

  • Mr. Natural Universe 2000, 4th place

  • Mr. Arizona 2000, 2nd place super heavy weight division

  • USA's 2003, super heavyweight

  • USA's 2004, super heavyweight

  • USA's 2005, super heavyweight

  • USA's 2006, super heavyweight

  • 2006 Retired from competitive bodybuilding to start a family


  • CEO and Founder;

  • Extreme Labs, Inc

  • Muscle Synergy

  • Natural Solutions

  • Dedicated Woman, Inc.


  • University of North Las Vegas (UNLV),
    Clark County Community College

  • Major subjects: Chemistry and Psychology

Practical Lab Time:

  • 200 hours - Dr. Wishusuh Phang, the creator of Creatine Pyruvate.

  • 2000 hours - Dr A.E. Satterfield

  • 600 hours - Dr. James Jameson, author of Grow Young with HGH.

  • 500 hours - Dr Giampapa, head of the Anti-Aging Institute.


  • Certified Herbologist

  • Certified in Natural Enzyme Healing Therapy

  • Certified in Natural Anti-Aging

  • Certified in Nutrition

  • Certified in Natural Antibiotics

John DiLauro, Jr.'s Pictures

John DiLauro, Jr. John DiLauro, Jr. John DiLauro, Jr. John DiLauro, Jr.
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