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May 25, 2024
Interview With The Biggest Man At The Arnold - Kenny Gipson
by Ben Tatar, Criticalbench.com

Bodybuilder Kenny Gipson From the media you probably have heard of big time names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although, Arnold might be the most well known bodybuilder in the world, he is a far cry from being the biggest and freakiest looking bodybuilder. Then as we think of more recent bodybuilders, we think of bigger men. Men, who appear much, much, much bigger than Arnold while being well defined and shredded to ribbons! We start thinking about pro bodybuilders such as Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, and as we look at these massive monsters we can't help but feel amazed! In hardcore bodybuilding fans pay $300+ to see these Larger than Life Bodybuilders compete on stage at the biggest shows.

Well, down in Ohio I saw Ronnie and I saw Jay. As monstrous as they appeared in person, there was a man who made Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman look just like another average 5'10 muscular dude and not a freak! There was a bodybuilder who took the concept of "bodybuilding freak" to places that nobody known about and hopefully one day this man will evolve the concept of pro bodybuilder. This man was the thicker, more ripped, and meaner version of Zeus from "No Holds Barred"…Let me ask you, "Have you ever tried to create a monster on your wrestling and fighting video game to be as freaky as possible?" Well, we are talking about a man that is too big for even a video game to create! A man who looks scarier than Bigfoot and this man is about to talk to all of us now! So, everyone get ready, as here at Critical Bench, as I "BigBenchBen, the Tatar Monster" presents you with "THE BIGGEST AND FREAKIEST LOOKING BODYBUILDER AT THE ARNOLD IN COLUMBUS OHIO" The Giant and shredded bodybuilder- The man, the myth, the monster, warrior and legend himself Kenny Gipson!

Kenny Gipson 1) Critical Bench: I am here with "The Biggest Bodybuilder out of the 100,000+ athletes at the Arnold Expo, Kenny Gipson." Kenny, we are all excited to learn about who the biggest man in Ohio is. So, Kenny, tell us, how did you get started in bodybuilding?

Kenny Gipson: I saw a local guy in the gym and ask him how to work out. He showed me what to do and I kept working out. A few days later another guy show up in the gym and said that I was a pretty big guy, but I won't stick with it, because I don't have the heart. It started a fire in me, which hasn't stopped yet after 15 years.

2) Critical Bench: Tell us about your childhood and teenage years?

Kenny Gipson: I grew up Seattle with 4 brothers and 3 sisters. I played a lot of sports, which include 6 years of soccer and 4 years of baseball.

3) Critical Bench: Tell us about your bodybuilding career from the start up to this point?

Kenny Gipson: I started working out in 1990, didn't compete in my first show till 2000, which was the Emerald Cup. I was #236 in the Super Heavy Weight and placed 2nd. In 2001 I did the Jr. Nationals with #246 and placed 5th. After that I did the USA's being #256 and placed 12th. This year (2006) I did the Emerald Cup weighing #265 and placed 2nd, which was not justified in any way or fashion. Enough said!

4) Critical Bench: Tell us about your family? Were they big time weight lifters and bodybuilders?

Kenny Gipson: Some of my brothers played sports, but that's about it. I am the only one of the family that enjoys weight lifting and bodybuilding.

5) Critical Bench: What adversities have you had to overcome?

Kenny Gipson: My height of 6'3" is my hardest obstacle, because it takes a lot longer for me to fill out then if I would be 5'10" like Ronnie.

6) Critical Bench: During your bodybuilding career what has been your--

Doing my first show, because I made it through a 20 week diet and didn't give up. The Emerald Cup was the biggest show on the West Coast and I started my diet with 18% body fat and ended up with about 4% on the day of the show.

I don't have one as of yet, and I am glad!

When I dead lifted #575 for 6 reps for the first time.

When I dead lifted #500 for 20 reps.

My first show, because I seen and felt it for the first time, what it takes to do a show and become a bodybuilder.

Kenny Gipson 7) Critical Bench: Kenny give us 5 inside secrets about you! (Share as much as you want and make it as personal or funny as you want.)

* I love to watch a lot of movies
* I love chocolate cookies and ice cream
* I am very neat and clean person
* I like goatees, but hate beards
* I hate to see women cry

8) Critical Bench: What have been the 5 best high lights of your career?

* My supplement contract with Triarco
* My competitions
* Meeting new people that enjoy bodybuilding as much as I do
* Traveling
* My demand for guest posing

9) Critical Bench: Tell us 5 things that you have accomplished that you are proud of?

* My supplement contract with Triarco
* Placing 2nd at the Emerald Cup in my first show
* My relationship with my girl (Manuela Chapman) and helping her reach her goals

10) Critical Bench: You were by far the biggest and most muscular man at the Arnold last year, and made Ronnie look tiny and made Jay Cutler look like a little boy--- So, we all want to know, is the Arnold Classic's biggest man going to be back next year?

Kenny Gipson: Yes, I will.

Critical Bench: Kenny, is there anything else you would like to say?

Kenny Gipson: I would like to thank all my family and friends for their support. I also want to thank Triarco for believing in me, as well as my friend Turk Fickling for getting me in the shape of my life. Last but not least I would like to thank my girl of 2 ½ years, Manuela Chapman, being there for me even through dieting, when times get rough. She is my workout partner and is there for me every day in the gym and makes sure all my meals are cooked and I love her to death and I couldn't do it without her.

Ben Tatar and Kenny Gipson


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