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Kelly Kole's Gallery

Occupation: Model/ B movie actress/ comic book/ fantasy art
Hobbies: hiking, swimming, biking, canoeing, wakeboarding, of course netsurfing.
Favorite: Music DEPENDS ON MY MOOD>>> I have a lot of them
Favorite: Foods Middle Eastern/ Egyptian
Favorite: Drink Ciante Classico... all kinds.. very relaxing
Weaknesses: A Sexy dress and beautiful Jewelry
Favorite Place: Greece, beautiful country very nice people
Favorite Web Site: Mine of course ;o) AND SECOND ALL MY FRIENDS!
Ideal Man: sensitive, honest, truly caring, and big romantic ...
Favorite Movie: Grease
Favorite Band: Goo Goo Dolls
Favorite Song: Sarah Mclauchlin Angel from the CITY OF ANGELS SOUNDTRACK
Personal Traits: Honest, caring, and Driven
Favorite Flower: Lillie's & Iris
Favorite Color: Green & Purple
Favorite Figure: Madonna : she is a smart business woman
Favorite Poet: Oscar Wilde

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