Weight Lifting, Weight Training, Bench Press & Bodybuilding
Dana Korte's Gallery

My Hobbies
Sharing time with my family and friends,Fitness Modeling, Figure Competitor, Traveling, Outdoor Activities, Design Work!

My Inspirations
I've always lived a healthy, athletic lifestyle. I love how being active makes me feel, and even more, the energy that fills my body ! I've been working with personal trainers for the last 4 years. The changes in my physique have been amazing, and the results have inspired me me to take my body to a new level. In six weeks, I went from 135 pounds and 24% bodyfat to 108 pounds and 8% bodyfat! I chose to enter the Ironman Competition & Washington State Championships.

Competing has been so rewarding to me, and it feels so natural being on stage. Since I have traveled this path, I have gained so much knowledge about nutrition and exercise. So much so, that I have joined the team, "Max Muscle"! I plan on staying involved in competing, and of course, staying fit! It's a whole new way of life; a life in which I am dedicated, and extremely passionate about. I especially feel gratification for the people I have influenced during the course of my own transformation. I hope to continue to inspire both men and women to let their inner spirit shine; to take a risk; for if you don't, you gain nothing! Most of all, always have confidence in yourself, and in your dreams!

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