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January 31, 2023

Fitness Model Lacey Jane Latkovic

Fitness Model Lacey

About Lacey Jane Latkovic

Fitness model Lacey Jane Latkovic is the all American inspirational story . Not only is she a fitness model and an inspirational story for young ladies across the Country, but she also is a hero as she is helping our soldiers in IRAQ. Lacey ran the combat escort missions in Iraq. Her title was Military Police Platoon Leader. She was in charge of 45 soldiers. She supported up to three separate missions at a time, QRF, Quick Reaction Force, in which she was on stand-by to be able to respond in a moments notice to another unit who needed help from making contact with the enemy. She also supported one full bird colonel in her efforts to work with the Iraqi government to maintain stability for essential services, such as water purification, as well as major projects such as building schools and centers for children.

figure model and fitness model Lacey

Lacey lived on a very small JSS, Joint Security Station! So, in order to have a great workout, Lacey had to be very innovative! This is where Lacey participated in basketball tournaments and coordinated unit runs in order to maintain cardiovascular fitness. Lacey does a number of different training methods such as P90X, some of Mike Davies trainining methods and boxing. However, some of Lacey's daily army training is very intense as it is because she has to do all of the unit challenges!

Just last week, all the Soldiers wore their full battle rattle, body armor vest, and bullet proof helmet, and the team did building exercises to complete 2500 situps, push-ups, dips, box jumps, and stretcher/ log carries. This is so they could be both fit and strategic

I asked Lacey to give us one random story from Iraq. She said "at one point pro wrestlers came from WWE and Smackdown. WWE superstar Shad picked me up as if he was going to body slam me! There were various featured articles on it!"

Away from Iraq, Lacey's just a big goof who lives life to the fullest! She's very close to her family and whether she is on a boat or having a Halloween party, she is just laughing and having a good time.

Lacey is a true inspirational story. She's strong, tough, heroic, and selfless. She's a person who makes sacrifices for a deeper purpose and despite all things she must face, she keeps her smile and positive influence on others. In closing, Lacey's advice for other girls and individuals across the nation goes as followed: "Go after your dreams. Stay fit, innovative and creative! Eat well, stay positive and you can reach any goal you like.

figure model and fitness model Lacey


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