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January 31, 2023
Fitness Model & Cage Fighter Leiticia Pestova

Leticia PestovaLeiticia Pestova's Bio

At age 15, Leiticia moved to Arizona and attended Mesa Community College for a degree in business.

Leiticia began modeling at age 16 at CJA's Film Studios in Scottsdale. She has won 1st Place awards for Best Model, Sponsor's Choice, Favorite Model and Best Dressed. She has also been featured in FAME Magazine and Photo Shoot Monthly.

At age 18, Leiticia Pestova passed the Arizona State test for Real Estate and became licensed to sell property. When she was 19, she became a Mortgage Broker and also received a certificate in teaching. In 2004, Leiticia began the process of opening her own music school and finally culminated Musician Masters, LLC in 2005.

Leiticia is an active member in Rotary, an internationally known group of business professionals who gather together to benefit their communities through charity events, and community service.

Leiticia also began to study Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu with Steve Fossum, president of IKF and ISCF and Master Sensei. In 1994, she began film work and starred in the TV Program, "The World of Martial Arts."

Also in 1994, Leiticia began studying free-style martial arts at Delgado's School of the Dragon.

Leiticia is currently training for a match in RAGE IN THE CAGE!!! Enough reason for MAN-magazine to look her up;

Interview With Leiticia Pestova

*/Why would a woman with so many talents step into a cage to fight?/*

"Women in cage fighting are never shown the same respect as men, just because of their sex, and people don't think that they should be fighting. I want to change that, I am a very good fighter, and grappler and want to do the cage fighting because I can bring respect with each fight. I also love a good croud, and my father was a fighter, so it's naturally in my blood.

*/What experience do you have, how many fights?/*

I have fought in point tournaments before, grappling tournaments and half-glove sparring. I was supposed to fight in Rage in the Cage on September 30th, but my apponent backed out.

/*Arn't you afraid of injuries?*/

Actually no, when I started my training three months ago I was sparring two different instructors (male) and over the course of two months, I broke all of my toes on my right foot, disslocated my right shoulder five times, and fractured my right elbow. I have never been one to complain about pain, it doesn't bother me, just makes me want to train harder so that it won't happen again.

/*How long do you train MMA now and what is your specialty?*/

I train six days a week, LOTS of cardio, free-weights, and resistance training. My speciality is grappling. I am good on the ground. I like stand up fighting but my main goal is always to get the girl on the ground.

*/Who is training you for this cagefight?/*

Jacob Greenberg, he spars and wrestles with me, helps me with my nutrition, and works on my mental clarity. I also train with Dusty and Michelle "GrappleGirl" Farrow. Michelle is the top female athlete at Rage in the Cage.

*Were you invited by RITC or did you apply for a fight?*

I applied for the September fight and they are asking me to come back on December 11th.

/*Do you think that there is a career for you in MMA as well?*/

Most definetely! I think Rage in the Cage can open many doors for me and more, including a career at MMA.

/*Can you combine your training with the work you do?*/

I keep work separate from my training. When I first started I was always bruised and my boss was suspicious as to why. I focus when I'm at work, and when I am at the gym, I forget about work.

/*Why didn't you choose kickboxing instead of MMA since there are not many women in this field?*/

I have done kick-boxing before, I do like it, I am mostly a wrestler though, it's habit. Before I started grappling, another girl I was sparring took me to the ground and just sat on me, and I had no idea what to do because all I knew was kick-boxing and martial arts. I don't like being in the position, I like my opponent in that position.

/*You trained with Steve Fossum (IKF), what is it that he trained you in?*/

He's a Master in Martial Arts and that's what he trained me in.

/*Can you tell something about the TV program you played in, "The world of Martial arts" ?*/

On that show, we showed the viewers how to perform Katas, how to escape from an attacker, and other situations that they would want to avoid. We also acted out the situations and showed video of real fights. On one episode "The Adventures of Master Luke, " my little brother Lucas did a back flip and beat up two bad guys who were picking on him. I was the sister who needed to be saved.

/*Don't you think that 'freestyle' is a bit different from real cagefighting?*/

It is, but with a new sport comes new challenges. When I was a little girl, I was picked on and beaten up several times. Cagefighting is a walk in the park from that.

/*Is it a benefit that you practice Freestyle and Jiu-Jitsu first?*/

Oh yes. A lot of women only specialize in one thing; kickboxing, or martial arts. I have tried many artsl and I tend to focus on what I think will be most useful. It's also beneficial because if my opponent is a kick-boxer or specializes in Jiu-Jitsu I will know what to expect.

/*What do you expect from your upcomming fight?*/

I expect that it will be a good fight, and hopefully a short one on my opponent's end. May the best girl win!

*Did people give you a nickname already?*

My nickname is Trinity-I was told that I have three personalities.

/*Who is your favourite fighter in MMA?*/

My favorite fighter in all is my girlfriend, Michelle "GrappleGirl" Farrow just because no girl can beat her. Michelle's only lost once and that was years ago. She wants me to fight in Rage in the Cage because she knows that I am serious about the sport, I just don't want to go into the cage and slap my opponent, I want to win a good, clean, professional fight. Michelle is the same way and I respect her for that.

/*Do you have a combination in mind of your career moves and Martial Arts?*/

Yes, I want to do fighting, wrestling, and weapons. I train with the Chinese sword right now and eventually want to compete in The United States Kung-Fu Wu-Shu Federation.

/*First fighting Arizona, next stop Las Vegas and Japan? What is your goal?*/

My trainer actually has already mentioned that to me, fighting in Mexico and Las Vegas. I plan on fighting in other cities throughout the state, but I want to get my first fight in Arizona. It's hard though, becuase there are hardly any women in my weight class who will fight me.

/*What I miss in your long career sheet is designing of (fightsport)clothes because it would suit you. Maybe a new idea?*/

I could easily see myself designing fighter clothes, but one step at a time. I can always do that later and I am sure it will eventually be offered.

/*Would you like to say anything to your fans?*/

Thank you for supporting me and coming to my fights and thank you for your prayers when I was injured. And to my women fans, always go with your dreams, because that's what makes you, you. And it doesn't matter what people say, if you work very hard at what you want in life, you will succeed. Also be sure to check my website on the 15th of November, I will be completely remodeling it and there will be new pictures.

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