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June 24, 2024
Bodybuilder Leo Robert Tribute

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Understanding of Health In Pursuit
of the Mr. Universe Title
- by Leo Robert

Mr. Universe Leo Robert To the surprise of many, I did not set out to achieve the Mr. Universe title in the beginning.

I began training in an attempt to give up a sedentary lifestyle and to start feeling better physically. As I worked out regularly and began to notice the physical changes, the powerful feeling that a healthy body delivers overwhelmed me. What began as a desire to feel better about myself eventually evolved into a competitive career in natural bodybuilding that spanned over ten years of rigorous training, optimum diet and a moderate lifestyle.

I believe that recognizing the principle of making health my primary focus early in my career was pivotal to my success. The fundamental choices I made not only had a profound effect on my training but helped me to reach and maintain optimum health then and throughout my lifetime. Over the years, working as a gym owner and a health and fitness consultant, I shared this philosophy with my clients with the hope that they too would experience a fuller and richer life through exercise and healthy eating habits.

The journey to ultimate nutrition may take a lifetime for many... but it is a road that each one of us must travel to ensure good health. Taking responsibility for your health can be the single most rewarding experience of your life. Diane and I recognized the abundant health benefits of Udo's Oil Blend many years ago and it has been a part of our daily regime ever since. Over the years, this blend of essential fatty acids has replaced our intake of harmful fats and has become a staple part of our diet and a very critical component of our nutrition. In our work as health and fitness consultants, we recommend Udo's Oil Blend to all of our clients.

After visiting Udo Erasmus' website and carefully reviewing the findings of the Danish Athlete Study, Diane and I decided to increase our own daily intake of the oil based on the trust we had gained in this product over the years. Since increasing our daily dosage (to one tablespoon per 50 pounds of bodyweight), we have noticed increased energy levels as well as better endurance and stamina in the gym. There has also been a marked improvement in our post-workout recovery time. Other benefits we have experienced are softer skin, nail growth, increased levels of concentration and well-being.

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Whatever your motivation may be initially in seeking out information involving your health, it is my hope that you will continue on this endeavour for a lifetime. Knowledge and understanding of health is the foundation that will ultimately serve as the bridge between exercise, sound nutrition and a healthy, robust life. By making health your primary focus, you too will have the potential to do extraordinary things!

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