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May 25, 2024
Swedish Strongman Magnus Samuelsson Tribute

Magnus Samuelsson TributeBio Magnus Samuelsson

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Standing 2 metres tall, with 150 kg of muscle, proven to be strong as an ox. On top of that, blond and blue-eyed Magnus Samuelsson is as close to the picture image of a Viking you can possibly get. The Swedish Viking is sprung out of the Swedish countryside, and has a mother who will beat most men at arm wrestling, a somewhat more average father, and a three years younger brother who isn't far behind him in strength and size. While Magnus won "The Worlds Strongest Man" in Morocco, 1998, his brother Torbjörn was at home in Sweden winning the "Swedens Strongest Man" competition.

Wholesome Farm life

Working as a farmer full time and keeping his distance to training may be one of the explanations to the success. "Being to focused doesn't get you any results" Magnus says. Farm life has also shaped good, healthy way of life. Beef, potatoes and hard work, instead of pub-crawls with to much alcohol.

- The body cant build muscle if it is constantly recovering from a hard life, Magnus says. His impressive build does require all the more. 8 500 calories a day. That's what an average person eats in a week!

Married to Swedens strongest woman!

Since some time there has been another factor I Magnus life that has contributed to his success. His wife Kristin. When they met Kristin was working as a farrier, and was beginning to experience problems in her back. She had a home gym, but didn't know quite how to use it. When she ran in to Magnus at a friends party, she figured that he had to know a few things about training, And he did. She trained not only her back, and a few years later she entered the "Swedens Strongest Woman" competition and one it, an achievement she repeated the following year.

Magnus - Pure strength

Swedish Strongman Magnus SamuelssonIts almost impossible to discuss strength sports without venturing into the subject of drugs and steroids. Magnus Samuelsson is aware of the problem and has always been active against drugs.

- My ambition was to see how strong I could get, and I am totally clean, which proves that success is possible without drugs. The point of the "World Strongest Man" competitions was from the beginning to take the best performers from different power sports and let them compete at something that would require as little technique as possible. Today the top names in the sport are specialized in Strongman. The power lifters only appear further down in the results. They lack the all-round strength required in the different events in a Strongman competition. Magnus Samuelsson can bench press 270 kg and would probably do well in power lifting, but sees no reason to try, He considers Strongman to be the ultimate Strength sport.

Great coverage

Magnus is at the height of his career as an athlete, he trains harder than ever and still has several years left among the Worlds best. No wonder there are a lot of people pulling at the sleeve of the pleasant Swede, how handles cars, rocks and logs as if they were dinky toys, marbles and matches.

He constantly appears on TV and in the press. Everywhere he goes he turns heads and people come up to him asking for autographs. Strongman competitions are aired on satellite, and some 250 million viewers worldwide follow "The Worlds Strongest Man". USA, Germany and Japan are a few of the countries where the sport is huge and gets massive coverage. Inquires have come from Jay Leno, Roseanne Barr and Oprah Winfrey to have Magnus appear on their shows. Sports Illustrated and The Rolling Stones Magazine have featured interviews with him, and in Sweden he is favourite guest for appearances on different TV-shows. The attention doesn't seem to worry Magnus. In fact unlike many other stars, he seems to quite enjoy this part of success.

Magnus Samuelsson -World's Strongest Arms Video

Magnus Samuelsson's Pics

Magnus Samuelsson Magnus Samuelsson Magnus Samuelsson Magnus Samuelsson

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