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Bodybuilder Mark Dugdale Tribute

Mark Dugdale At the 2007 Arnold

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Mark Dugdale's Bio

Full Name: Mark James Dugdale
Height: 5' 6"
Birth Date: 12/25/74
Nationality: Spanish, German and English
Married to: Christina Dugdale
Daughters: Madison "Maddie", Lauren and Julia
Off-Season Weight: 235
Competition Weight: 210
Training Location: Kirkland, WA Gold's Gym (kirklandgoldsgym.com)
Favorite Training Day: Legs
Training Partner: Seth MacGillivray, Christina Dugdale
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Pro Bodybuilder: Jay Cutler
Favorite Online Blog: Mark Driscoll's Blog (theresurgence.com)
Place of Worship: Mars Hill, Ballard (marshillchurch.org)
Goals: To display the fingerprints of Jesus Christ in all areas of my life.


'93 Northwest Natural - 1st Teen Division
'95 Evergreen State - 1st Middleweight
'97 Oregon State - 1st Middleweight
'98 Mr. Seattle - 1st Heavyweight and Overall
'98 USA - 12th Middleweight
'99 Evergreen State - 1st Light-Heavyweight and Overall
'99 Nationals - 6th Middleweight
'01 Washington State - 1st Light-Heavy and Overall
'01 Nationals - 9th Light-Heavyweight
'03 Oregon State - 1st Heavyweight and Overall
'03 LA Championships - 1st Light-Heavyweight and Overall
'03 USA - 3rd Light-Heavyweight
'04 USA - 1st Light-Heavyweight and Overall
'05 IronMan Pro - 8th

'05 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic - 9th
'05 San Francisco Pro - 6th
'06 IronMan Pro - 5th


February 17, 2007
IronMan Pro Pasadena, CA
- Competing

March 3, 2007
Arnold Schwartzenegger Classic Columbus, OH
- Competing



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