Weight Lifting, Weight Training, Bench Press & Bodybuilding
Interview With Mike Westerdal - Owner of Critical Bench
by Paul Becker of Truly Huge

Mike Westerdal PB: When did you first start working out and what was it that got you started?

MW: I started working out when I was fifteen years old. Weighing in at only 110 lbs soaking wet, I had to put on some muscle if I wanted to play football without getting hurt. My body started changing so fast and I was hooked. It did wonders for my self confidence and helped me excel in sports. Looking back I remember watching a lot of Van Damme, Stallone, and Arnold movies, which also inspired me.

PB: Who do you most admire in the sport?

MW: I admire Arnold for being one of the pioneers of bodybuilding and appreciate the fact that he was able to gain such size and definition even though he is so tall.

My favorite athlete of all times is Art Monk of the Washington Redskins. When he played he was one of the best, but was very modest. He showed me that with hard work anything is possible.

Anthony Clark has won my admiration by achieving an 800 lb bench press natural.

PB: How often do you train and how long do your workouts last?

CCSU Football MW: I lift weights 4 days a week. Depending on my training goals I'll do cardio on off days, or double up with 45 min of cardio after lifting.

PB: Do you follow any special diet or take supplements?

MW: Here's a typical day for me.

7AM: 6 egg whites w/ potatoes
10 AM: Can of tuna
12:30: Turkey sandwhich on whole wheat bread
2:30: Protein shake and piece of fruit
5:00: Chicken or fish with veggies.
8:00: Meal replacement shake after workout
10:00: Snack before bed: Sugar free Jello, or peanuts.

Supplements. I take creatine, glutamine, protein, multi-vitamin, joint support, and CLA.

PB: The biggest question people who workout are asked is "How much ya bench?" Why did you think the bench press has become the king of all lifts?

MW: It's true people do put a huge emphasis on this exercise. However it's not so strange when you think about it. The bench press is a core fundamental exercise for developing upper body strength. You're not only working your pectorals (chest), you are also working your anterior deltoids (front shoulders), triceps brachii, and latissimus dorsi. If I could just pick just one exercise to train my upper body I would have to go with the bench. You just can't develop the same upper body mass with any other exercise.

PB: Were you always a good bench presser?

MW: Not at all, this is something I worked at. When I was 15 years old I couldn't bench press 100 lbs. By the time I was 18 I could bench 275. By the time I was 22 I hit 400. Okay now I'm 30 and my best so far is 450 raw.

PB: How did the Critical Bench program come about?

MW: Well Paul, I played football in college and was forced to do a lifting program that I didn't think was that great. Growing up I read every bodybuilding resource I could get my hands on and felt like I could design a better program. Believe it or not an elite group of us on the team used to fake it through our mandatory lifting sessions. As soon as the coaches let us out, we drive to the local gym and perform our real workouts. We believed you should only bench press once a week and you should lift heavy. The result? We produced a handful of 400 lb benchers for the upcoming season and the rest is history. Ever since I've spent a lot of time studying different exercise philosophies and became certified through the American Council on Exercise.

PB: A very interesting thing about your program that makes it different from any other bench press course I have ever seen is, that rather then being a cookie cutter program - each and every one is personlized for every new customer. What else can you tell us about the Critical Bench program?

MW: That's right.....each lifter is given the exact weights to lift in the bench press. After 10-weeks the average increase is 50 lbs. Some people have increaased more, some less. Thousands have used the system with success. The program is split into five days a week, working each muscle once a week, however there is a four day split for those who don't have five days a week to devote. It's set up perfect to increase your bench, but you'll also get stronger throughout your entire body.

PB: How can someone get your program and can you offer my subscribers some type of extra bonus?

MW: It's easy just vist this page for more information.

There's already a lot of bonuses including ebooks, "3 Keys to Killer Abs", "World Class Bench Pressing", "Beginner Bodybuildign Mistakes", "Courage To Be Fit" & more.

But I'll tell you what, I'll sweeten the deal even more by giving away one more bonus. Anyone that sends me an email after ordering will also receive a free Big Arms Report. Simply send an e-mail to mike at criticalbench.com to claim it after ordering the Critical Bench Program.

PB: Thanks for the interview Mike!

MW: Thank you Paul, it's always a pleasure.

P.S. Be sure to check out the CriticalBench Fitness Models.

To read more about the Critical Bench Program visit this page!


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