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July 17, 2024

The Reason's Behind Oprah's Inconsistent Dieting
by Jennifer Nicole Lee

The Reason's Behind Oprah's Inconsistent Dieting

We all know that Miss Winfrey has battled with many issues from her past. She has yo-yo'ed like the best of us, even including myself. With her open account of past sexual abuse in her early childhood, being the subject of her father's verbal lashings reminding her that "she will always be fat," to her very public liquid fast, it's no wonder she is still at odds with her dieting and struggling with her weight loss progress.

Recently she openly admitted that she gained over 30 lbs in less than three months from blowing out a thyroid. I feel nothing but compassion for her, however at the same time I am left puzzled. How can someone with so much clout, respect, and also great financial means who can afford the best trainers, nutritionists and personal coaches and consultants allow this to happen to her?

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at why this has happened, what has triggered her sudden weight gain, and what you too can do to learn from the mistakes of even the super wealthy, and why sometimes money can't buy you health. It takes commitment, and also correct scientific backed fitness expertise.

Bob Greene's Diet

What are the first three letters of the word DIE-t? Yes DIE!!! And we don't want to die, but live, and live optimally with the most endurance, energy, and stamina. Oprah's immediate 30 pound weight gain was a result of her constant battle with the calorie in/calorie out concept, eating the wrong foods, forgoing protein shakes, and not banging the weights around as much as she should, and her body just gave up and gave in.

As most of you already know, Bob Green is the celebrity trainer to Oprah, who she has made into a multi-million dollar household name. But is he worth his weight in gold? I highly doubt it. Simply look at the state that Oprah is in, the writing is on the wall. Just what is he prescribing her to eat and how to train will answer the question of why she is still struggling with keeping the weight off.

The Reason's Behind Oprah's Inconsistent Dieting

Bob Green's Diet For Miss Winfrey

Heavy on soy products, such as soy milk, tofu, soy nuts, edamame. I too at one time was a victim of the marketing of all soy products. From soy milk to tofu, I was all about it. Until I started thinking for myself and stopped just accepting all that was told to me.

The soy campaign is a fierce one, brainwashing all women to believe they need soy protein for some reason. Not once has soy protein been scientifically proven to reduce health illnesses. When I was on soy milk, tofu and edamame, my body became just as mushy and flabby as a block of soft tofu.

Ever looked at a piece of tofu, and even slapped it? It jiggles and wiggles, just like the fat and extra weight that it produces when you digest it. Now trying slapping a piece of grilled chicken breast or lean red meat. What happens? Its tight, solid, and toned. Just like what happens to your muscles after you eat it.

Tofu and all other soy products do another thing to your body. It's been scientifically proven, even after a small amount of time (about a month) of someone on a soy rich diet, that their body starts to hold and hoard onto fat. Why? Because once soy is digested into the system, it causes one's estrogen levels to do one thing - rise!

Bob's Love Affair With "Whole Grains"

When researching for this article, I viewed all of Bob Greene's appearances on the Oprah show and even re-read all his books. He has a great deal of focus on whole grains, but he never really states what kinds, what the recommended serving is, nor that you should cut out the last complex carb serving out from dinner, which is my normal culinary practice.

With a variety of books and magazine articles lining the shelves we know that Bob Greene is no stranger to fitness. How does his plan rack up against the rest? Learn about the pros and cons of this lifestyle type diet.

Actually every meal in his book includes whole grains, even at dinner. This is a big mistake, as any one who needs to lose a significant amount of weight needs to take that last whole grain carb out of their food plan.

JNL Approved Food

  • Lean source of protein

  • 1/2 cup of complex carbs

  • a serving of a fibrous carbs

JNL-Approved complex carbs are always a 1/2 cup serving and include:

    The Reason's Behind Oprah's Inconsistent Dieting
  • Sweet potato (plain and baked)

  • Brown rice (organic if possible)

  • Oatmeal

  • High fiber cereal

  • Lean Sources of protein

Omit as much soy products and dairy as

Nuts And Nut Butters

When I am consulting with any one of my fitness clients who need to immediately lower their body fat percentage and get it under control, the first thing I cut out are walnuts, almonds, peanut butter, or any kind of nut butter. Nuts and nuts butters are pure fat.

Yes, its got some protein content, but nothing as lean as say a filet of fish (which also has heart healthy omega-3's), thin slices of lean red meat, or a grilled chicken breast with a side of steamed veggies.

I'm in total agreement with anyone including nuts and nut butters into their food plans, but this is ONLY if they are at their desired weight. By this simple switch from nuts to another healthy high protein high healthy fat food - the math is simple - your body will respond by releasing fat and shed it, and then build sleek and sexy muscle.

If I were Oprah's trainer, I would stop feeding her those famous "12 almonds" that Bob Green so gleefully prescribes her to eat when her hunger strikes. This is a brainless easy out for him. He does not stop and really assess her condition of still being heavy, and go deep down to fix the root of the cause. The easy answer is of course weight training, a proper diet supplemented with protein shakes, and also high protein, low complex carb, high fibrous carb.

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