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February 9, 2023
Tina Jo Orban's Gallery

Tina Jo Orban is a fitness model and former Playboy model. She is said to have retired from modeling to live in San Mateo, California, together with her husband Matt Kurt Orban, son of Kurt Orban of Kurt Orban Partners, an international steel trading company, and brother to inventor Bob Orban of Orban Electronics. In June 2000, she created her own website, where you can read her biography and buy some of her pictures.

Her statistics: 5'5", 115 lbs., 34c-22-34

Tina says: "Little Tina Jo was actually born Toni Jo. It was thought up 'till delivery I would be a boy. Surprise! Since then that seems to be the theme of my character... full of surprises. Growing up in Hollywood with two gorgeous sisters, and two brothers, and being second to the "baby" of the family I was known to be quite a tomboy. I liked to play baseball, and fight with the boys.

Early on my athletic prowess surfaced: in the fifth grade when Ronald Reagan (who happens to be my favorite president) conducted his campaign for exercise in the public schools, I won the contest for the longest time holding chin up. I believe I held on for over two minutes in a chin-up position, beating even every boy in the school! Finishing with high school and blossoming, I decided to join a gym. The real influence to take up weights came to me once I was inside the gym.

I was Miss Eugena's runner up when I was just 19. I also won tons of various bikini contests in California prizes anywhere from $150--$500, also gym memberships, and bikini's. I decided to go national, and entered the Miss Fitness Galaxy 1994, not placing as high as I wanted, but the photographers loved me. I must have had a dozen business cards by the time I left Florida's Miss Galaxy camp."

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