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April 21, 2018

Power Magazine is Powering Up Newsstands

Power Magazine POWER Magazine features concise, tightly edited articles on training, lifting gear, gym equipment, major meet news, nutrition, and the top powerlifting gyms around the world PLUS interviews with powerlifting's most interesting and influential personalities.

The goal of POWER Magazine is to give lifters and fans a great read about they sport they love... ONE place to find all the best information about powerlifting today...

Power is dedicated to raising the profile of the strongest athletes in the world. Powerlifting is made of up of the strongest men and women on the planet, and we want to give them an international platform to show the world what they can do. Bodybuilding has become popular through print magazines; the same can be done in powerlifting.

Power's outstanding lineup of powerful writers will give people the kick in the ass they need. Here is a quick snapshot of a few members of our advisory board:


Scott "Hoss" Cartwright is one of the greatest squatters in the world right now, with a 1,025-lb. single ply and a 1,160-lb. multi-ply squat to his credit. After seeing him train every day, these massive numbers are no surprise. Hoss is a throwback lifter. No frills. No gimmicks. He fixes problems with hard work, aggression and maybe some duct tape, if needed. His days of shoveling shit and digging trenches on a milk farm helped mold him into a great powerlifter.

Gene Rychlak is the only man to ever squat and bench press a grand. He was also the first lifter to break the 1,000-lb. bench barrier. Big Gene is the International Powerlifting Association chairman and is getting ready for a return to the platform. Gene provides readers with a rant they won't soon forget.

Rob "Belly Bencher" Luyando has smashed world records at a frantic pace from 220 all the way up to 308 lbs. Rob's mental toughness and full-bore training style made him one of the best benchers ever.

These contributors, as well as many others, will help us make POWER the best powerlifting magazine out there. As you will see with this premier issue and the others to follow, this is not your average strength magazine.

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Mike Westerdal and Mark Jackass Bell Mike Testing Out the SlingShot

Mike Westerdal and Mark "Jackass" Bell Mike Testing Out the SlingShot
Click Here to learn more about the Slingshot

Mike Westerdal and Mark Jackass Bell Mike Testing Out the SlingShot

Mike Westerdal and Mark Jackass Bell Mike Testing Out the SlingShot



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