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January 31, 2023
Fitness Model RhondaLee Quaresma

RhondaLee Quaresma Bio

Went from very little young girl at just 105 pounds to very strong girl that got bigger and eventually could lift 225 pounds on bench press at peak, weighing 145 pounds. Mind you this took about 8 years! Now I'm somewhere in the middle….last time I checked 185 pound lift at around 135 pound bodyweight. And I only do the power lifts very occasionally now. I used to lift heavy when I was competitive. Now I still train very hard, I just train differently.

Now for quality and esthetics rather than bulk. In putting in my time lifting heavy for years it gave me a good foundation to shape the look of my physique now. And I also won every show I did as an amateur, leading me to the Canadian Championships in '95 which gave me my pro card and IFBB status. I did one International show in for my pro debut, which put me at my best physique yet, but as life can throw curve balls, I got one and had to step away from the competitive stage.

It was hard as it was an unexpected decision but the best solution at the time. But throughout the years I have remained totally devoted to the bodybuilding lifestyle. In fact I tried a figure show, the first pro one ever NOC 2003. The judges used me as an example even though I feel I was tiny and others felt I was the perfect representative for a figure girl. Guess I was harder than they liked, but as far as Imp concerned, the bodybuilding stage is about 'pushing beyond the limit' hard work. And that's what always achieved me my bodybuilding success. And actually many other life endeavours also!

The drive and hard work then gives you a sense of power that helps you handle other life situations much better and easier.

So presently I seem to be representing women and bodybuilding in a very positive light, according to feedback from fans and just people around me in various places who comment. Imp told I have 'shapely muscle', and that I am 'very feminine', and feminine is what I feel!

Hope you've enjoyed my profile. Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries. Below Vie added a few more tidbits of info!

Thanks to my friend Jeremy that encouraged me to profile here.


5 ft 1 in
Weight at: 135 Lean
130 Very lean
125 Ripped
120 Shredded
Born Dec 11th
Loves of my Life: my 2 cats Sassy and Mace
Native Indian, French with Scottish and Dutch
36, 26, 34 measurements

My heart Wish List:

To finally complete my website/business plan to my satisfaction at minimum. Then to have it be successful! Then to be able to share the rewards of my success with my family, friends, and of course the kitties!

To have and give love accordingly and do the right things at the right times.

To be content and happy with my life and the decisions I make in it.

To help make a positive and realistic difference in the world…….I have a plan you know! ;)

My gifts wish list:

Investors and sponsors welcome to be involved in my business.

To give myself a guilt free vacation…Ibizza is my first plan.

Anything sparkly, glittery or diamond!

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