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June 24, 2024
Bodybuilder Richard Baldwin Tribute

Bodybuilder Richard BaldwinRichard Baldwin Official Web site:

About Richard Baldwin

Dr. Richard Baldwin, Mr. USA, Mr. America-MW, 1st runner-up Mr. Universe, personal trainer to Laura Combes, the first Ms. America, was known for his classical physique during his competitive years.

Baldwin earned a Ph.D. from Florida State University and currently teaches history, religion, and philosophy at Gulf Coast Community College

Dr. Baldwin wrote countless bodybuilding magazine articles during his winning reign in the 1970's and 1980's. His image can be seen on many magazine covers as well as in the movie, Stay Hungry. Current projects include authoring a book on Larry Scott and writing for fitness magazines.

Richard Baldwin Bodybuilding Titles

Mr. Southern States 1971

Mr. Texas 1972

1973 Mr. All South

1974 Mr. Florida Coast

1975 colleagiate Mr. USA

1975 Mr. Southeast USA

1975 Mr. Region IV

1975 Mr. Sunshine State

1976 Greater Mr. Florida

1977 Mr. Northern Hemisphere

Mr. Florida 1978

1978 Greater Mr. Florida

1979 NPC Bodybuilding Champion (MW)

1979 1st Runner-up IFBB Mr. Universe

1980 NPC Bodybuilding Champion (MW)

1980 1st Runner-up IFBB Mr. Universe

Richard Baldwin's Pictures

Richard Baldwin Richard Baldwin Richard Baldwin Richard Baldwin
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