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December 7, 2023
Bodybuilder Rob Kreider Tribute

Rob Kreider Official Web site:

Rob Kreider Pumping Up

Rob Kreider's Bio

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 195 lbs

%BF: 3-4

Chest: 50"

Arms: 20"

Waist: 30"

Quads: 29"

Calves: 18"

Rob Kreider's Competition History

2004 NPC Nationals Championships Middleweight 7th

2004 NPC USA Championships Middleweight 9th

2004 NPC BodyRock Championships Light Heavyweight 1st

2003 NPC Nationals Championships Middleweight 15th

2002 NPC Nationals Championships Middleweight 3rd

2002 NPC USA Championships Light Heavyweight 12th

2002 Body Rock Classic Light Heavyweight 1st

2001 Virginia State/ DC Championships Light Heavyweight 3rd

2001 Body Rock Classic
Monica Brant Fitness Championships Light Heavyweight 4th

2000 Body Rock Classic
Monica Brant Fitness Championships Light Heavyweight 5th

1998 Kevin Levrone Classic
Maryland State Bodybuilding Championships Light Heavyweight 4th

1998 Bev Francis' Atlantic States Light Heavyweight 6th

1996 Body Rock Classic Middleweight 5th

1996 Maryland State Bodybuilding Championships Middleweight 2nd

1994 Maryland State Bodybuilding Championships Lightweight 7th

1992 Mr. Annapolis Lightweight 4th

Rob Kreider's Philosophy

Since becoming a personal trainer in 1990, I have seen training techniques come and go. Individuals tend to complicate their routines by reading several published periodicals and through advice from amateur consultants. Physique and health progress should continual and consistent. Forget about the excuse of having below par genetics. We are of the same species, human.... homeo sapien. We all breathe the same air, digest food virtually the same, have the same vital organs of life, and grow muscle tissue through the same process as Mr/Ms Olympia. Now on to my philosophy of gaining lean muscle tissue at the fastest rate possible. Remember the K.I.S.S. Principle? It works in all aspects of life and leads to simplicity and efficiency. Donít we all want things in life to be simple?

Lets make muscle growth simple...NOW!!! Muscle growth is as easy as 1-2-3. This is important, so remember this next aspect. A muscle has to be stimulated to respond and the response is only going to be growth (hypertrophy), maintenance, or loss of tissue (atrophy). High intensity weight training is the only stimulus for muscle growth. Low intensity weight training will only minimally stimulate the muscle to maintain its current disposition. If you are satisfied with your current progress, stop reading now, go spend your time on another website. Lets put the pieces of muscle growth together. The stimulus is high intensity weight training, next is the recovery piece of the puzzle. Recovery ONLY will take place if adequate rest and nutrition are adhered to. The resting part is the easiest part of it all. You just have to be smart about it. This does not mean you can train the muscle again once the pain from your previous workout has subsided. That only means that the nerve endings innervating that muscle sense that muscle has ONLY recovered! It has not overcompensated for the loss, it has not grown. It may take a few more days to actually finish the growth process. Have you ever taken a week or two off from intense weight training to return with stronger lifts? We all have. You may notice that your muscular endurance has decreased noticeably. This is a natural response and is the reason endurance athletes MUST train very frequently. As body builders, we are the opposite type of athlete.

We are anaerobic predators, not aerobic! Take the physiques of two athletes that engage in the same activity, running. A marathon runners physique is very thin, lean and unhealthy in terms of muscular balance and optimal function. Some say that they will have optimal cardiovascular systems. Up to a point, I agree, but read on dear reader. Consider this...remember Karen Carpenter? She passed away from her body using her vital organs, including her heart muscle as fuel to survive. Most marathon runners are doing the same thing to there bodies by engaging in an unnatural activity of demanding their bodies to function, through running for prolonged periods of time. Your bodies fuel resources can only provide so much functional energy before it must rely on it's own tissues for a continued energy supply. This means using precious muscle tissue. A sprinters physique on the other hand resembles a highly muscled and lean physique. Much of what we are seeking as body builders. They train with very high intensity and let their bodies recover fully to optimally perform and compete.


Video Clip Featuring Rob Kreider

2004 Bodyrock Posedown - Rob Kreider

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