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Rock Lewis Bench Press 600 Pounds Raw - July 2007

Here's video shot by Joe Warpeha of Rock Lewis' 600 pound raw bench press on Friday at the 100% RAW Bench Nationals in Richmond, Virginia. Lewis competed in the 242 pound weight class. Warpeha also captured Lewis' 560 pound opener and 580 pound second attempt.

Did we mention he did this Drug Free? Bullshit you say?
Well he passed a drug test and a lie detector test.

Rock Lewis Benches 600 at 241 Raw

Rock Lewis 560 Opener - No Hand-off!

Rock Lewis 580 2nd Attempt

Chris Wilson of Critical Bench Congratulating Rock On His Big Lift

Rock Lewis Bench Presser

Rock Lewis Bench Presses 495 For Reps Same Day He Benches 600 Raw


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