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January 31, 2023
Nicole Rollolazo

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How it all began
At the age of four Nicole began dance classes ranging from ballet to jazz. She then started gymnastics lessons where she very quickly excelled. "I remember her first coach John Diaz being astonished at her natural talent!" says Nicole's parents. "Her petite size and amazing strength and determination made her a top athlete and we couldn't get her to stop tumbling through the house!"

Once an athlete, always an athlete
Nicole continued her athletic career throughout junior high where she became the all-around district gymnastics champion. In high school she began breaking the school records for all-around, floor exercise, and beam scores and became Thomas Jefferson high school's first gymnast to receive All-American honors.

She contributes a lot of her success to her coach Debbie Hunter, who pushed her, yet was always very positive and caring. Nicole also utilized her leadership talent as the captain of the gymnastics team and the dance/drill team, and excelled in track and field as well as in diving.

Setting the wheels in motion
In 1992 Nicole entered and won the Miss Thomas Jefferson High School bodybuilding contest. She enjoyed the competition so much she began to train for the Miss Tri-cities body building competition, placing fourth.

Then her friend, Thoi Nyugen, convinced Nicole to focus her talents on entering her first fitness competition. At that very competition, Miss Fitness Iron Maiden in Everett, WA, Nicole struck gold by placing first. In 1998 Nicole placed 6th at the NPC USA Fitness Nationals in Las Vegas and then, in 1999, she won her class and the overall title at Washington's largest fitness competition, the Miss Fitness Emerald Cup.

After winning the Emerald Cup Nicole got some really good advice from her friend Tanya Merryman.

She's Back!!!
After taking some time off from the NPC, Nicole is now back with a vengeance. In just two weeks she won the Los Angeles Fitness Championships and the 2002 USA Nationals, receiving her pro card!

"I can't wait to start competing with the big dogs!" says Nicole. "Although my frame will always be very small I do plan to put on a little more size but always staying 100% drug free! My strength has always been my routine and my symmetry. My dream is to one day become Miss Fitness Olympia!"

Big Plans
Nicole is now using her big win as a stepping stool for modeling, guest performances, and plans to continue making name for herself in the competition arena. She is also working with Pinnacle Bodyonics as well as dancing for the Pinnacle extreme team. We're all excited to see what she does next!

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