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Miranda Rox

"Hello! Im Miranda! I was born in Michigan oh about 20 something years ago (hehe Im about 5` 6 & 125 lbs with a 34D/24/33 figure. .

A few years ago I heard that there was going to be a new HOOTERS opening a few miles away from me! So I went in while the construction guys were still working on it! & guess what ?? I got hired on the spot! no interview or anything! I loved working at HOOTERS very much! Customers were always asking for pictures taken with me and my autograph!!But i was not ready to model or be in *show business* yet.. I was in college going to school to become a VET...so i did not pursue my modeling career at that time.... then a few years later......

It started with a few cam shots & The Miss Nude Internet 2002 contest.... i submitted some horribly grainy webcam shots that where not nude & to my surprise, out of 150 contestants some who were even Playmates I came in 3rd place!

In the past year & a half since i decided to try my hand at modeling ive worked on 2 tv pilots as a host, shot for a few well known magazines,seen my images on about 300 websites,in 7 magazines, numerous calenders & have spokesmodeled for some of the leading beer & liqour companys & have even been known to get in the ring as a valet or ring girl!

I plan on riding this out for the next few years & seeing where i end up & of course working on my site to make it the best on the net!"

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