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January 31, 2023

Fitness Model Sarah Mankiewicz

Meet Sarah Mankiewicz

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, where I currently reside. I have always been extremely athletic my entire life. From the age of 5, I started playing soccer and basketball, which landed me on traveling teams, varsity teams as well as Junior Olympics!

After high school, I attended Rivier College, where I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Design. It was then, that I really started hitting the gym hard! I started fitness modeling shortly after and even got myself published in a few magazines; Planet Muscle, American Curves, Muscle Magazine, and Men's Fitness!

I love to model, however my all time favorite passion is working with models and creating websites! In 2004, I established an online magazine called (Fitness Models Magazine, which specializes in promoting and exposing fitness and bikini models. FMM has become a well known hotspot for models and photographers!

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my Fiance', playing with my dog, traveling, working out, watching movies, shopping, and more!

Credits and Publications

Action Unlimited Magazine 2008
Anytime Fitness Commercial 2007
American Curves Magazine 2006 (Tonya & Sarah)
American Curves Magazine 2006 (Tonya & Sarah)
American Curves Magazine 2005 (Sarah, Tonya, Timea, Brooke)
Planet Muscle Magazine 2004 (featured abs)
American Curves Magazine 2003 Muscle ("We love American Curves")
Muscle Magazine International 2003 (Sarah, Rebecca, DeeAnn, Stacey)
American Curves Lingerie Commercial on FOX 2003
Men's Fitness 2002 "interview"


Birthdate : June 2
Zodiac Sign : Gemini
Height : 5' 6"
Weight : 138 lbs
Stats : 34 A - 31 - 38
Hair : Brown
Eye : Brown
Skin Color : Olive
Calves : 14.5
Biceps : 13"
Thighs: 22.5"
Shoe Size : 9.5
My Body : Athletic
Ethnicity : Italian, Irish, Polish
Religion : Catholic
Occupation : Graphic Designer, Fitness Model, Trainer
Marital Status : Getting Married 9/14

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