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June 12, 2024

Interview With Powerlifting Squat Prodigy - Scott Weech
Interviewed By Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - February 2008

Scott Weech 1) CRITICAL BENCH: Hi Scott. It's an honor to interview the World Record Holder in the 100% RAW Federation. Introduce yourself to Critical Bench!

Well, I am 22 years old and live in Lakeland Fl. I have been married for almost 2 years. I just graduated with my bachelors degree from the University of South Florida . I am 6 feet tall and weigh 310 pounds. I compete in both powerlifting and strongman. I also do strongman exhibitions at various churches.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: Wow, it seems like you have so much going for you at such a young age. You have a degree, marriage, and a squat world record at 22, and you're strongman exhibitions at churches is admirable! What are your best lifts and what federation(s) do you compete in?

My best equipped numbers are Squat - 1103, Bench - 633, Deadlift - 733, and Total - 2442.

My best Raw numbers are Squat - 826.5, Bench - 529, Deadlift - 760, and Total - 2101.

I compete in APF, 100% Raw, and NAS Strongman.

3) CRITICAL BENCH: You have the World Record in the squat in the 100% RAW Federation! Tell us about the squat world record that you hold!

I squatted 826.5 pounds at the 2006 World Championships in Vermont . It was a great feeling, but I really felt like I could have done better than I did. I am excited about the future and raising the bar.

4) CRITICAL BENCH: Give us your squat routine!

Well my routine is constantly changing, but some aspects are fairly constant. I do regular raw squats at least once a week. Never more than twice and if I do squat a second day it will not be as heavy or it might just be something like box squats. One of my recent squat routine looked something like this:

160 - 10, 250 - 5, 360 - 5, 450 - 5, 540 - 5, 630 - 5, 720 - 5, all of these initial sets were done without a belt. The remainder of the sets were done with a belt. 770 - 3, 810 -2. After my squats I will do a number of different exercises, such as pulling the sled and front squats. I try to keep the workout very intense and my workouts usually last about 2 hours.

Powerlifter and Strongman Scott Weech - One Sick Unequipped Deadlift

5) CRITICAL BENCH: It's always interesting to hear how the best train. Let me ask you, were you always a good squatter?

I have always been a good squatter and it has been the lift that has gone up the quickest for me. I started squatting seriously in high school, and I have always tried to learn from more experienced lifters. When a lifter thinks they know everything there is to know, perhaps they know the least.

6) CRITICAL BENCH: Agreed, nobody can learn anything being closed minded. Scott, what are your future goals in the squat?

I would like to be the first person to squat 1000 lbs. raw. This will probably take some time, but I would like to squat 900 raw soon.

7) CRITICAL BENCH: We're excited to see you break your own record as well. What do you think are the 5 most important aspects when going for a bigger squat?

Stay clean, Train smart, it is critical to train with heavy weight on your back, intense workouts, and always be willing to learn.

8) CRITICAL BENCH: What is your advice for a bigger bench press and a bigger deadlift?

My advice would be to learn as much as possible, but to also learn what works best for you. Not everything you read will work as well for you. Two very important things to remember are to train consistently and intensely. And do not be afraid to try new things.

9) CRITICAL BENCH: Away from the sport of powerlifting and strongman, what do you enjoy doing during your free time?

Well I have to spend a lot of time studying. I only enjoy that some times. I really enjoy doing strength ministries. It is my gift from God, and I must use it to glorify him. Nothing else involving strength athletics is as important. I also really enjoy spending time with my wife. She supports me in all that I do, and I am blessed to have her.

10) CRITICAL BENCH: How do you see the future of powerlifting and what would you like to see change in powerlifting?

If powerlifting continues the way it is going than I honestly do not expect much. The sport is way too divided. This is the one thing that keeps powerlifting down. If we could come together and have fewer feds, then we could really grow.

Scott Weech World Record Unequipped Powerlifting Squat 11) CRITICAL BENCH: What goes through your mind before you attempt a huge squat? What about during the squat?

Before and during the squat I try to stay focused on the squat itself. Often times I do not remember anything except for the squat. I could not tell you what song was on, or who said what. I often also think about all of the training that led up to that moment, and that helps me stay focused.

12) CRITICAL BENCH: How does it feel to hold a world record in the squat and to know that you're one of the greatest squatters who ever lived?

I am not sure that I would call myself one of the greatest squatters to ever live yet, but it does feel great to have that record. Thank you for the compliment.

13) CRITICAL BENCH: What are the biggest mistakes people make when training for a bigger squat?

Often times people get stuck in one way of training, they do the same stuff over and over again. It is very important to adapt your training and learn from each meet. It is also critical to listen to your body to avoid injuries.

Scott Weech Jr. 14) Critical Bench: Not only are you a serious powerlifter, but you are also a successful strongman competitor. How would you compare powerlifting to strongman competitions?

Strongman competitions have a much faster pace. There is usually very little warm up and you go from one event to another. Also, in powerlifting you get three attempts, but in strongman you only get one try at each event. Strongman definitely requires more cardiovascular ability. I really like competing in both, powerlifting for the pure strength, and strongman for the adrenaline rush involved.

15) CRITICAL BENCH: What's your strongman routine like?

Well, my strongman routine is very tough. I would like to thank Tom Mitchell and his crew in Clearwater for helping me in this area. Since I do a lot of heavy strength training in the gym, I do a lot of cardio for strongman. I usually have one day a week for strongman only, and I mix one or two exercises into my other workouts. I do a lot of reps when I train for strongman, for example I might load a 275 lb. keg for 6 or 7 sets of 10 onto a 50" platform, after a few sets of a lighter keg. If you have ever loaded kegs you would know this is very tiring.

16) CRITICAL BENCH: I'll take your word for it. Give us some of your best strongman feats of strength!

My best strongman feat was when I flipped an 1100 lb .tire 7 times in 60 seconds at the Florida Strongman championships last year.

17) CRITICAL BENCH: Holy Mackerel! What was the best and worst advice you were ever told?

The best is to trust the Lord, and the worst is that I need to stick to only one strength discipline.

Powerlifter and Strongman Scott Weech - The Youngest Man To Squat 1K

18) CRITICAL BENCH: What makes Scott different from other lifters?

I realize that my strength comes from God, and that without him I would accomplish nothing.

19) CRITICAL BENCH: When your powerlifting career is all said and done how do you want people to remember you?

I want to be remembered as the strongest person to ever live by far, but I more importantly want people to remember me for the lives that I impacted along the way.

20) CRITICAL BENCH: Through your strength ministries, the numbers you have shown, it seems like both could very well be your destiny. Scott, it's been a privilege interviewing you. In closing is there anyone who you would like to thank?

I would first like to thank God for all he has blessed me with. I would like to thank my parents. My dad has been my best and longest training partner. I also would like to thank my wife for putting up with me. All of the lifters at Deb's gym in Lakeland. We have a great group of lifters and that is really critical. I would also like to thank Ken Anderson from Titan for his support and Grep Stott for his help. I would also like to thank Bud Jeffries for his support. I also thank Big Paul from 100% Raw and all of the other great people in that fed.

Scott Weech Squatting 805 at the 2006 100% Raw Nationals



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