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Interview With Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - January 2007

Sean Sherk - The Muscle Shark On October 14, 2006, at UFC 64, Sean Sherk fulfilled his life long dream and became the UFC world champion! This not only made Sean Sherk the undisputed UFC world light weight champion of the world but this also made Sean Sherk the first light weight champion in the History of the UFC! Before Sherk became the world champion of the UFC, he had held a record of 35 wins and only 2 losses in his professional full contact fighting career! This is one of the best records ever seen in full contact fighting. Sean Sherk has also fought in UFC main events. Critical Bench got to talk to Sean, and with no further ado we bring you one of the best full contact fighters who ever lived, Seannnnn Sherrrrrk!!

CRITICAL BENCH: It's Ben Tatar from Critical Bench, and I am here with the first ever light weight champion of the UFC Sean Sherk. Sean, from your resume, we know that you have accomplished a lot as a fighter. Out of everything you have achieved in the sport of full contact fighting, what has been your favorite moment so far?

Sean Sherk: Thanks Ben. It's an honor to be here with Critical Bench. My favorite moment was when I won the Title!

CRITICAL BENCH: How did it feel to win the Title and become the first ever UFC light weight champion of the world!?

Sean Sherk: It was great! Winning the title was a dream come true and even more! It was something I waited for a long time!

UFC Fighter Sean Sherk CRITICAL BENCH: How long do you plan on keeping this title?

Sean Sherk: Forever!!!

CRITICAL BENCH: hahahaha! FOREVER! Haha, I love that answer! Who are you defending the title against next?

Sean Sherk: Joe Stephenson should be next. BJ Penn is dropping weight so he might get a title shot.

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your weight training routine?

Sean Sherk : I lift 6 days a week, pretty much 2 body parts a day, 6 days week. I super set everything.

CRITICAL BENCH: Sean what do you do for cardio?

Sean Sherk: I run and swim everyday. I do sprints and I also run the bleachers every single day.

CRITICAL BENCH: On your way to the top of the UFC which three opponents have been your toughest?

Sean Sherk: Karo Parisyan, Benji Radach, and Nick Diaz.

CRITICAL BENCH: What motivated you to becoming a full contact fighter? How did it all begin?

Sean Sherk: I grew up as a fan of the sport. I knew all the fighters, all the names and all about the sport. It was a dream of mine to be one of them. I also came from a wrestling background and grew up fighting.

Sean Sherk Interview CRITICAL BENCH: What's your advice for the person who might want to be a full contact fighter in the future?

Sean Sherk : I get emails asking me this all the time. Just train hard, and focus!

CRITICAL BENCH: Away from fighting in the Octagon, do you fight in bars? If so, do you still choose to fight in bars?

Sean Sherk: I've had my share fair of fights. I have too much to lose now. I have no reason to go to a bar and fight when I can go to a gym and fight.

CRITICAL BENCH: How do you see the future of full contact fighting?

Sean Sherk: I think Full Contact fighting is the new big sport, and it's just going to keep getting bigger. It's going to be as popular as any sport. There will be million dollar pay days! Haha

Sean Sherk UFC MMA Full contact fighting machine! CRITICAL BENCH: How does your family feel about you being a pro full contact fighter and one of the best in the world at it?

Sean Sherk: My family is real supportive. When I first started fighting, they didn't want me to. Now they are real big fans and they support me all the time.

CRITICAL BENCH: Do you have any funny stories you would like to share?

Sean Sherk: I have too many! Haha

CRITICAL BENCH: Then just give us one.

Sean Sherk: One funny moment was when I fought Karo the 2nd time. The first I won by decision and during our 2 nd fight I ended up stopping him! 3,000 people were at the show and after I stopped him, I tried to do a front flip for the first time. I landed on my butt and kneed myself on the head in front of 3,000 people!

CRITICAL BENCH: Very cool. You had an excellent journey Sean, is there anything else you would like to say?

Sean Sherk: I think Critical Bench covered me very well!

CRITICAL BENCH: Awesome! So, you train hard and put in a ton of work. All of us get to sit back, and watch you kick ass. All of your big victories speak for themselves!

Sean Sherk: Hahaha! Yep. Exactly.

CRITICAL BENCH: Sean it was great speaking with you. In closing who would you like to thank?

Sean Sherk : I want to thank Minnesota Martial arts because I wouldn't be fighting if it wasn't for them. I want to give a special thanks to Xyience. I want to thank Critical Bench and Ben Tatar for taking the time to interview me. Lastly, I want to thank all of my fans for always supporting me. You can check me out at WWW.SEANSHERK.COM

Sean Sherk Interview By OKfightnews.com




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