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June 27, 2016
Bodybuilder Skip La Cour Tribute

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Skip La Cour's Profile

Skip La Cour has established himself as a leader in the bodybuilding world with his outstanding physique and by unselfishly communicating his training philosophies to others.

In his passionate effort to propel training, nutrition, supplementation, and mental strategies forward, he has authored ten books, produced six videos, and has frequently contributed to several international magazines. He has accomplished all of this and more while simultaneously becoming one of the world’s best drug-free bodybuilders.

Peak Performance and Success Coach Skip La Cour is considered to be a master for teaching strategies for personal and professional success. In his powerful speaking engagements around the world, he empowers, inspires, and motivates individuals to realize their personal potential.

Competitive Bodybuilding Career

Skip La Cour has been training for more than 14 years and has been competing in bodybuilding contests for over 13 years. During that time span, La Cour has competed in 29 bodybuilding show around the world. At 5’ 11", La Cour’s competition weight ranges from 213 to 230 well-conditioned pounds.

Skip La Cour has won the NPC (National Physique Committee) Team Universe Overall titles twice (in 1998 and 2002). No other man has won the overall title twice. He has won the heavyweight class five different times (1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2003). Those five victories are the most class wins in the history of the NPC Team Universe contest. He is also the only man who has competed in all 10 of the NPC's top drug-tested annual amateur event. The contest started back in 1994.

Skip La Cour is also the only man to have ever won the overall titles at both the NPC Team Universe and the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships—the two most competitive and most recognized drug-tested shows in the United States.

In August of 2002, La Cour competed in what many feel was his all time best condition. He convincingly won his second overall Team Universe Heavyweight Class and Overall titles.

La Cour also won the heavyweight and overall titles the 1998 NPC Team Universe. Dropping 16 pounds from his previous year’s physique that only earned a disappointing fifth place finish in his weight class, La Cour competed in unbelievably shredded condition and set a new standard of conditioning for drug-free heavyweights. The 1998 NPC Team Universe victory earned him the position of captain of Team USA. Unfortunately, Team USA was unable to compete in the IFBB World Amateur Championships (formerly known as the Mr. Universe) in Izmir, Turkey due to political unrest at the time.

The Academy of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Sports Awards named La Cour “Natural Bodybuilder of the Year” in 1998 for his outstanding efforts.

He became know as one of the top amateur drug-free bodybuilders in the nation by becoming the 1995 NPC Team Universe Heavyweight National Champion and earning a spot on the five-man USA Bodybuilding Team competing in the Mr. Universe contest in Guam, where he placed sixth.

Drug-free for life, La Cour first appeared on the national scene in 1994, when he won the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships, which aired on ESPN television. Two years earlier in 1992, he became the first man in the history of the AAU to win the Mr. California and Mr. Natural California in the same year.

Peak Performance
and Success Coach

Skip La Cour is considered to be a master for teaching strategies for personal and professional success. In his powerful speaking engagements around the world, he empowers, inspires, and motivates individuals to realize their personal potential.

La Cour is hired by companies looking for a competitive edge. After one of his presentations, they have an assortment of effective and easy-to-implement strategies that takes those companies and the personal lives of their employees to the next level.

Skip's Contest History

HEIGHT: 5'10"

2003 Contest Weight – 216 Pounds
2003 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals)*
1st Heavyweights

2003 NPC USA in Las Vegas, NV
10th Heavyweights

2002 Contest Weight – 216 Pounds
2002 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals)*
1st Heavyweights and Overall Winner*

2002 NPC USA in Las Vegas, NV
11th Heavyweights

2001 Contest Weight – 231 Pounds
2001 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) *
2nd Heavyweights

2001 IFBB World Games in Akita, Japan.
5th Heavyweights

2000 Contest Weight – 221 Pounds
2000 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) *
1st Heavyweights

2000 IFBB World Amateur Championships in Malacca, Malaysia - Did not place in the Heavyweight Division

1999 Contest Weight – 229 Pounds
1999 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) *
2nd Heavyweights

1998 Contest Weight – 218 Pounds
1998 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals)*
1st Heavyweights and Overall Winner*

1998 IFBB World Amateur Championships in Izmir, Turkey - US Team did not compete due to political unrest at that time.

1997 Contest Weight – 232 Pounds
1997 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) 5th Heavyweights*

1997 NPC USA - Did Not Place in Heavyweight Division

1996 Contest Weight – 234 Pounds
1996 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) 2nd Heavyweights *

1995 Contest Weight – 225 to 228 Pounds
1995 IFBB World Amateur Championships in Guam - 6th Place in the Heavyweight Division

1995 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) Heavyweight Class Champion*

1994 Contest Weight – 215 to 217 Pounds
1994 Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships Overall Champion *

1994 NPC Natural Nationals (Team Universe) 3rd Heavyweights*

1994 Ironman Naturally (Southern California) Overall Champion *

1994 ABCC Natural California Class Champion*

1994 NPC Emerald Cup 3rd Heavyweights

1994 NPC San Jose 3rd Heavyweights

1993 Contest Weight – 211 Pounds
1993 Natural Musclemania 2nd Heavyweights*

1992 Contest Weight – 199 to 204 Pounds
1992 AAU Mr. California Overall Champion

1992 AAU Mr. Natural California Overall Champion *

1992 NPC Contra Costa Light-Heavyweight Class Champion

1992 NPC Northern California 2nd Heavyweights

1990 Contest Weight – 200 to 202 Pounds
1990 AAU Mr. Western Natural USA Overall Champion *

1990 ABA World Cup of Natural Bodybuilding Overall Champion *

1990 AAU Mr. Fremont Overall Champion

*Denotes Drug-Tested Contests (method: polygraph-lie detector, urinalysis, or both)


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