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June 23, 2018
SteelStretch Sports Compression Shirt Steel Stretch

Steel Stretch Compression Shirt Like Under Armour Why do we believe that the new SteelStretch? compression shirt is the best one now available to the market? Three major reasons why:

1. Better fit: We feel it provides a more comfortable, firmer fit. From the feedback we have received from our customers, they agree.

2. Lower price: It is a much better value for the money. Compare our price of $29.95, which is 40% to 50% less than the competition's.

3. No-Risk Guarantee: We are so sure that you will find SteelStretch to be the best compression shirt you have ever had that he will give you a full 30-day money back guarantee (including shipping charges) if you aren't completely satisfied. Just send it back; no questions asked.

SteelStretch Shirt Features

  • Form-fitting unisex design conforms to the body to show off every muscle, yet helps to hide flaws.

  • Seamless construction provides maximum comfort throughout any range of motion.

  • Made from a high-quality blend of antibacterial nylon, polyester and elastane.

  • Moisture-wicking material helps to keep you cool and dry on hot days, warmer on cold days.

  • Comfortable, snug collar for a true athlete look.

  • Longer body and sleeve lengths help prevent shirt "ride-up" while physically active.

  • Antibacterial properties helps to retard body odor and keep you fresh.

But don't take our word for it. Here is what one of our customers had to say about the SteelStretch shirts:

"I have tried all different types of compression shirts throughout my playing career. All companies promise they have the best shirt and it is breathable, most comfortable and has the best moisture management. The truth is, they all lacked something.

Then I tried a SteelStretch Compression Shirt, I thought it would be just another shirt. However, the second I touched it, I knew it was different. Then I tried it on and knew instantly it was the best compression shirt I have ever had. It simply is the most comfortable, the most breathable and keeps me both cool and warm. To add to all of that, it made me look better than any other compression shirt could. In my opinion, SteelStretch is the unanimous winner of the best compression shirt."

compression spandex athletic shirt

Sizing Recommendation

Because of the SteelStretch shirts' elasticity, they are offered in two sizes; Small - Medium and Large - X Large. We suggest that if you are 100 lbs to 180 lbs, buy a Small - Medium; up to 180 lbs and up to about 300, buy a Large - X Large. Remember, they are compressions shirts and have the ability to stretch a lot. Expect it to conform to you snugly, as it should. You aren't buying a T-shirt, and it should not fit you like one.

compression spandex athletic shirt
Black Compression Shirt


compression spandex athletic shirt
White Compression Shirt


compression spandex athletic shirt
Blue Compression Shirt


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